This Mommy Blogger Slowly Killed Her Son So She Could Receive Sympathy

This Mommy Blogger Slowly Killed Her Son So She Could Receive Sympathy

Last week, Lacey Spears was convicted of second-degree murder following the bizarre death of her five-year-old son due to unbearable levels of salt in his body.

The mommy blogger was sentenced to giving little Bennet the salt so his health will get worse. The reason: So she can get sympathy from her friends, family, and even the hospital where her son was confined.

When Bennet became ill in their home in New York, Spears brought him to Nyack Hospital. However, instead of improving, his condition continues to deteriorate until he eventually died.

When the child’s passing was investigated, they were puzzled as to why Bennet needed a feeding tube for years where in fact it should be only given to patients as temporary treatment.

photo from Gannett

photo from Gannett

Further investigation shows Spears taking Bennet into the bathroom several times a day. And every time they get out, the patient’s condition worsened.

Feeding bags with salt were also found in the mother’s apartment. Shockingly, the salt content in one bag was equivalent to 69 salt packs from McDonalds! She was also found to have online searches on the effects of salt on children.

This led to Spear’s conviction in purposely killing her own son.

photo from Gannett

photo from Gannett

For several years, Spears have been blogging about Bennet’s health condition. While the hospital give particular attention to her child’s case, she, on the other hand, became addicted to the idea of getting sympathy from people.

She thought, the more she kept Bennet sick, the more sympathy she will receive.

Reports say Spears killed her very own son thinking he would tell others what she was doing to him.

“The motive is bizarre, the motive is scary, but it exists,” says Assistant District Attorney Patricia Murphy.

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