72 year old man walks with his dogs towards home after many years of being away from family

72 year old man walks with his dogs towards home after many years of being away from family

Have yo ever walked many kilometers just to go home? This man loves his canine friends so much, that he could not leave them behind when he goes home to Leyte.

72-year-old Maximo “Kalipayon” Delima could always ride a bus home, but prefers to walk. Why? He has 10 dogs in tow! He is so devoted to his pets, that he is willing to walk home with them. Because of that, he was now called “Journey Max”. He can’t leave his dogs so instead of riding a bus, he choose to walk from General Santos City going to Leyte.

People saw him walking so they gave them some food and drinks for dogs and for Mang Max. Netizens became concern. Mang Journey Max thanked the netizens for sharing his story.


Mang Journey Max and his dogs

However, Max felt very emotional as he talks about 4 of his dogs who passed away during their journey.


His pets when he reached his home

Journey Max caught the attention of the government of Tagum City. Because of his inspiring story, they offered to help him reach his home land. They promised to bring Max in Leyte without any expenses. While the Dog Owners of Tagum Association also thanked him for showing the sincerity in taking care of the dogs!


Mang Max and his family

After long walks, and a ride promised by concern group, finally, Mang Max emotionally got home.  His family became so emotional after seeing him . After 50 years, Mang Max and his family are reunited.

Journey Max has arrived in his hometown in Leyte, ABS-CBN News reported on Friday, March 20. He was very emotional when his brothers and other relatives met him and his 6 dogs in Ormoc, especially when he found out that their mother already died.

Mang Journey Max said “mapasalamaton kaayo sa mga netizens hasta sa mga tawo nga nakahimamat niya sa dalan ug mitabang kaniya nga makauli sa Ormoc City, Leyte.” which means he was so thankful foe everyone who helped him and his dogs to return home.”

Truly, there’s no place like home. As the song says, “Saan ka man naroon, babalik ka rin.”

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