These Strange Mushrooms Look Like Tiny Humans With Heads, Arms and Legs

These Strange Mushrooms Look Like Tiny Humans With Heads, Arms and Legs

Norfolk, United Kingdom –  Jonathan Revett from Cockley Cley discovered a very unusual fungus with human-like heads, arms and legs.

The 49-year-old who has been very interested in the study of fungus described it as, “little mushroom men.” Adding that, “It’s really strange how their shape makes them look like they have a head and arms. That’s what drew my attention to them.”

The magical mushrooms are named as geastrum britannicum to show them as being one of a kind in the country.

The mushrooms were first seen around early 2000’s but were wrote off as a species of earthstar fungi which is widespread in the city.



It was just this year when a DNA sample of the fungus was carried out by mycologists in Spain and confirmed they are slightly different from their first notion of the mushroom.

Revett, who also owns said, “It felt brilliant knowing I’d found something new. I wouldn’t normally question the experts but I just knew these were different.”

He furthermore explained, “I go back to the site every year doing tours and they’re always there. It’s incredible to think I’d only gone out there to look at some big mushrooms I’d been tipped off about.”

As of this month, a few more specimens have been gathered in Norfolk, Hampshire, and the Welsh Borders.

According to Carl Chapman of Norfolk-based Wildlife Tours and Education,

This is riveting stuff. This is not just a new species for Norfolk – this is a new species for the world.

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