When The Groom Saw His Bride For The First Time, He Told Her She Was “Too Ugly” Then Drowned Himself In A River

When The Groom Saw His Bride For The First Time, He Told Her She Was “Too Ugly” Then Drowned Himself In A River

China – 33-year-old Kang Hu jumped off a nearby river after he saw his arranged marriage bride for the first time, on their wedding day.

The groom walked out of the wedding service in reports that the Shiyan City of Hubei province, after saying that his bride Na Sung, would be “bad for his image”.

Mirror reports that the wedding guests were shocked when Kang told his bride she was “too ugly”.

One of the guests described it was a very awkward moment for everyone. “The bride was devastated, her family was furious, his family was furious, and we his friends were embarrassed. Kang has very exact tastes and had been forced into this marriage,” she added.

Kang was found later wandering along a river bank. Passersby saw how he threw himself in the water obviously trying to kill himself. They immediately called the police who quickly responded at the scene.

25-year-old Qan Tsui, the person who took the photos, said Kang was fully clothed and floating face down in the water. Adding that, “He was unconscious and I thought he was dead.”

source CEN

source CEN

Qan furthermore stated that when the police arrived, one jumped in and pulled Kang ashore with the help of a foreman who put a rope around the unconscious Kang’s chest.

The photographer said, “They saved his life.”

source CEN

source CEN

The patient was brought to the hospital where he was treated.

After the incident, Kang said in an interview,

I feel bad about what happened but when I saw her she wasn’t what I had expected and I realised she would be bad for my image. My parents had arranged this and I couldn’t see any way out apart from suicide.

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