Globe Subscriber Furious About a Refurbished iPhone Issued to Her, Globe Telecom Comments Back to the Subscriber’s Post

Globe Subscriber Furious About a Refurbished iPhone Issued to Her, Globe Telecom Comments Back to the Subscriber’s Post

Every now and then, we hear horror stories of customers complaining about poor services about their providers, indifferent staff and bad customer service, however, a recent post about a refurbished iPhone issued by Globe Telecom has been circulating in social media.

The complain posted by a Facebook user named Trish Pichay talked about the iPhone 4S she received from Globe Telecom last July 2014. She mentioned in her post that her phone was working well during the first few months, but eventually, her phone’s battery becomes easily drained. She then went to Globe Telecom last November 2014 at SM Aura and was advised to have her phone checked at Power MAC Center since the phone was still under warranty. She then immediately went to Power MAC Center but was told that she needed to leave her phone. Since she does not have a spare phone, she refused to leave her phone at the Power MAC Center.

Last March 8, 2015, Trish Pichay finally went back to Power MAC Center with the same complaint. She also noticed a light blue spot on the LCD of her iPhone which appears when her phone’s screen is white. When she brought her phone to the service center, they advised her that they needed to open her phone. She eventually agreed and after her unit was opened, they found a fake battery, blue tapes and other markings in her iPhone. This made her furious and posted a status about it and even included a photo of her iPhone.



After her status was posted, Earl of Globe Telecom commented on her status stating that the issue is already being taken cared of and that the Globe Telecom is only a service provider and not a phone manufacturer. He also mentioned in his comment that un-boxing of the units they provide is only allowed when the phone will be issued to the customer. He also mentioned that Globe can only provide warranties and endorsements to their customers.


Pichay, then commented back to Globe Telecom that she is aware that Globe is only a service provider, but also mentioned that she already has an impression that Globe has poor quality control over the units they provide and that they should be accountable to the customers with regards to the units they provide which the customers pay for.


However, the issue did not end with Globe Telecom and Trish Pichay’s comments on her post. Last March 9, 2015, Pichay posted that she received a call from Globe Aura’s Branch Manager assuring her that the issue is already under investigation and that it has already been raised to Globe’s executive office. But what sparked Pichay’s ire was that the manager mentioned about her Facebook post which, the manager says, have put their company’s credibility at stake. Pichay mentioned in her post that it is Globe’s responsibility to take care of their credibility and that she can not be silenced regarding the issue.

Pichay also mentioned that the manager advised her to have her lawyer contact a certain lawyer from their head office which angered her further.


In one of her comments, Pichay stated that she initially posted her status about her complaint about Globe to only be visible to her friends, but since Globe hasn’t given her a reply, she chose to make her post visible to the public.


We asked Globe Telecom regarding the issue and immediately got a response through private message. Globe stated that they are already aware of the issue and that it is currently under investigation.


As of writing, there are no updates yet regarding Pichay’s concern, but what do you guys think? How did the refurbished iPhone make it to the customer? What Pichay mentioned that Globe should also be accountable about for units they issue is actually something that everyone can agree on, but should she just also have just waited for Globe’s response? In a generation dominated by the social media, providers should really take utmost care of the services they provide, but should subscribers also post their concerns on social media? What is your opinion on this? Leave a comment below.

*Photos screengrabbed from Trish Pichay’s Facebook Page

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