These Photos Will Give You A New Appreciation For Fathers

These Photos Will Give You A New Appreciation For Fathers

Motherhood requires multitasking. It involves holding the baby on one arm while the other is doing the dishes; preparing your lunch while finishing something on the computer; Calming the crying tot while talking on the phone; the tasks are endless. But it seems her body possesses that special energy to survive the day. If only she would apply to be a superhero, she’d be OVERQUALIFIED.

Okay, so while we understood how moms move inside the family unit, being a father is often unnoticed, even underestimated.

Dads, too have their own share of hardships in being a parent. Here are some evidences that fathers may not be the master of multitasking, but certainly they know how parenthood requires hard work.

He’s trying to teach his kid how to fall….in a not-so-stylish way


photo from gifsoup

Is this how it’s done, dad?


photo from funnyordie

Ooops! I forgot to ask for some tissue.


photo from huffingtonpost

It’s oooohhh-kay!


photo from funnyordie

Hey dad, catch!


photo from funnyordie

Daddy, what are you doing?


Today, I’m gonna teach you some self-defense


photo from 4GIFs

Remember, don’t touch the fence dear

photo from pratik

photo from pratik

Daddy, I think I need to go change my diaper


photo from epicfail

So, the next time you see daddies out there, appreciate them for they also know that being a father is pretty hard..and most of the times painful. LOL!

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