Facebook Launches NEW Suicide Risk Alert System To Help People In Distress

Facebook Launches NEW Suicide Risk Alert System To Help People In Distress

Through the years, Facebook has been one of the social media platforms that helped users reach their friends, loved ones, and other people around the globe.

As many people become part of the system, the world’s number one online community continues to thrive.

Just recently, Facebook has unveiled their NEW system that will help identify users having suicidal thoughts. It will then allow concerned friends to report content for review.  Facebook will afterwards review the report followed by a sent notification to the person involved stating that a friend has tried to help and offer access to suicide prevention resources.



The tools that will be used is based on a reporting feature applied 4 years ago and has passed the National Suicide Prevention  Lifeline in the US, and the Samaritans in United Kingdom.

Today, a team composed of different nationalities around the world are working 24/7 to review reports that come in, concentrating on the most serious reports to quickly send help.

Facebook’s Product Manager, Rob Boyle, said that keeping everyone safe is their most important responsibility on the said social site. “Today, at our fifth Compassion Research Day, we announced updated tools that provide more resources, advice and support to people who may be struggling with suicidal thoughts and their concerned friends and family members,”  he added.

Moreover, the company claimed in working with mental health organizations Now Matters Now, Forefront, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, Save.org and others as well as sought advice from people who had experience with suicide.

The discussion with the said organizations involved focusing on connecting with people who can help those who are in deep sorrow.

If someone on Facebook sees a direct threat of suicide, we ask that they contact their local emergency services immediately. We also ask them to report any troubling content to us.

Facebook has also provided new support and resources to the person who reported the post with options to message or call the distressed friend to reach out and let them know someone cares.

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