Eight Facts About the Engagement Ring (Why Do Men Need to Give Them to Women)

Eight Facts About the Engagement Ring (Why Do Men Need to Give Them to Women)

It’s that season when most of your friends are becoming betrothed left and right. For what seemed like years of waiting for some, most women look forward to that day when the man of their dreams propose on one knee and ask THE question. But, it’s more than just the question, it’s also THE RING!

But why do men really need to give an engagement ring when they would eventually give a wedding ring? There have been many speculations as why THE ring is necessary in a serious relationship. Some say it’s just marketing, some people say its one of the most important symbols of a relationship, some even think its unnecessary.

We have researched on the truth about this ring that men save for their entire bachelor life and women wait for their single life. Is there really a need to give an expensive ring to the woman you plan to spend your whole life to? Or is this just another marketing ploy?

We have found Eight Facts about the Engagement Ring and we are revealing them to you!

Fact 1: The first tokens of engagement were made of grass and glass.

Cavemen once gave bracelets, anklets and necklaces made of grass and glass to bring their partner’s spirit under their control.


Fact 2: Putting the ring on the third left finger originated in Egypt.

Egyptians believe that the third finger on the left is directly connected to the heart.


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Fact 3: The first diamond engagement ring on record was given in 1477.

It was Mary of Burgundy who first received a diamond engagement ring from Archduke Maximilian of Austria.

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Fact 4: It was written in the law.

A 20th century American law called the “breach of promise to marry “. It was a legally binding contract and the engagement ring was a significant gift to the woman. If the woman breaks off the engagement with the man, she is supposed to return the engagement ring to the man.

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Fact 5: It serves as an “insurance”.

Giving an engagement ring to the woman they promise to marry was like an insurance just in case their fiance would leave them. It was thought that the woman would have difficulty finding a new fiance since she was already promised to another man. If it was the man who breaks off the engagement, the woman does not need to return the ring to her ex-fiance.

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Fact 6: That law on “breach of promise to marry” was slowly written off by several states in the US in the 1900’s, but De Beers began an advertising campaign that the engagement ring was a symbol and pledge of love and promise.


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Fact 7: Engagement rings made from diamonds once sparked an issue on exploitation.

In 2000, there were issues that arose about the human rights violation in the diamond industry in Africa.

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Fact 8: An engagement ring is usually worth a man’s two-month salary.

It is said that two-thirds of men usually spend atleast two-months worth of their salary for an engagement ring.


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Now you know why women are given engagement rings when proposed to. More than just putting a ring on it, the engagement ring has been a symbol of love and promise to a woman a man wants to spend his life with.

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