Cannibalism on the Rise! Hunger drives North Koreans to dig corpses & murder their own children for food

Cannibalism on the Rise! Hunger drives North Koreans to dig corpses & murder their own children for food

An alarming tale of cannibalism have been documented by group of undercover informants who braved this communist country in a bid to expose the sorry state of  the poverty-stricken citizens. The horrible account of the terrified whistle-blowers have been picked up by major news outlets. The facts they documented were authenticated and proven valid.

Where is the rain?


Farming communities, such as these pictured outside the capital Pyongyang last year, have been desperately hit by drought which has led to reports of people turning to cannibalism in a bid to ward off starvation

Killing & Flesh-eating

Fears sparked that there could be more untold cases of cannibalism in the country’s isolated regions.  In the province of Pyongyang, 10,000 people plus  have claimed to passed out due to sickness and intense hunger.  In Hwanghae,  men said to murder, boiled & devoured their respective children’s “meat” to fill their hungry tummies. The same were reported in Chongdan county where corpses digging for one’s food supply were witnessed.  In May last year, the South Korean Institute disclosed that  men were executed for eating their peers and then sell the remain as mutton.  Since 2011 reports of murder  has been noted, questionable meats were sold as pork.  More horrific reports can be accounted in the country’s network of forgotten prison camps.  For turning “zombies”, they faced the firing squad bullets courtesy of  the government militants .

The Naked Field


North Korea was hit by a terrible famine in the 1990s – known as the Arduous March – which killed between 240,000 and 3.5million people.

This eventually headed to prevalent starvation which grabbed the lives of almost one million people. During this period, the country stood witness to a 50% fall in per capita income, a weakening in life expectancy and augmented infant death rates. For the longest time North Korea remains to be one of the most secretive states in the world.

Survival of the fittest

There is competition for the food at a nursery in Haeju in North Korea. (July 2012)

There is competition for the food at a nursery in Haeju in North Korea. (July 2012)


The numbers are grim and alarming, screaming on the issues of life and humanity. The youngest of Nokors are having their fair shares of harrowing experience on how to survive in a daily basis.


…to sleep their hunger away…

North Korea has been classified the worst oppressor in the world for the 11th year running according to the Worldwide Watch list, a study conducted yearly by an international organization. It was noted that North Korea placed even worse than  infamous tyrants as Afghanistan, where the Taliban is rising stronger by the day.


their chubby leader who opted to remain unfriendly to the world reportedly, have had express love affair for feasting – while a great number of neglected Nokors were dying in hunger..

Where is the is funding coming From?

The underlying problem is that the people of North Korea find it impossible to standup for themselves and take action against a government that cares little about its own people.  Sending them food and aid will not solve the problem, as the food will go to the ones not needing it or be sold for money to fund its military projects.  Iran, China, and Russia have been supporting North Korea’s research into nuclear weapons and missile technology, maybe they should be the ones feeding the country, as well.


Amidst the hunger & dying amongst his separated citizens, the young president appetite for the latest war plane never wavers.

Where the money  for food goes…

A North Korean missile is displayed during a military parade in Pyongyang. Their indescribable dedication to the military as well as space missions is indicative of their goal to become a 1st world country.

As cold as marble and as still as statue,


31 year old President Kim Jong-un in one of his stallion

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