Born Cross-Eyed, Bar Topnotcher was Recipient of Flavier’s “Oplan Sagip Mata”

Born Cross-Eyed, Bar Topnotcher was Recipient of Flavier’s “Oplan Sagip Mata”

Brilliant and beautiful – that’s how people would describe the Salutatorian of Class of 2014 of the UP College of Law, Sandra Magalang. Not too many people knew she was born as a cross-eyed girl whose poor family had little means to have her condition corrected.

It was through the “Oplan Sagip Mata” of then-Secretary of Health Juan Flavier that her condition was treated. Little did the health secretary know that his program would boost this poor little sick girl’s morale and propel her to stardom – for she became among the topnotchers of the 2014 bar examinations!

Atty. Sandra Magalang, as we should all now call her, is proud and thankful of her past. During Flavier’s wake last October 2014, she left a handwritten thank you at the back of the late senator’s guest list.

Photo credit: InterAksyon

Photo credit: InterAksyon

Flavier’s son, James, took a picture of the note and posted it on his social media account – for it was fitting tribute to a great man! This soon became viral and was verified by UP Law professor JJ Disini who added a tidbit of information: that Sandra had just taken the bar exams.

Fast forward to March 26, 2014 when the bar exam results were released…Not only did she pass the bar, she also ranked third among all the 1,126 passers! Isn’t that amazing?

From a poor girl born with sight problems, Atty. Sandra Magalang was able to get past those obstacles to become among today’s most brilliant minds. Congratulations! May you continue to serve as an inspiration to others…

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