China Boasts Their First Lightweight 3D-Printed Car Which Costs Only $1,770 To Make

China Boasts Their First Lightweight 3D-Printed Car Which Costs Only $1,770 To Make

China – Last Tuesday, Sanya Si Hai 3D, a tech company, introduced their first ever 3D-printed car dubbed as Shuya.

The radiant gold sedan sports an electric-controlled two-seater built to run up to 40 km/hr. It also boasts of its shiny orange exterior which is a product of the Tyrant gold filament used to engineer the vehicle.

source Strati TV

source Strati 3D

What’s more interesting about Shuya is its battery which is not only rechargeable but the frame was also 3D-printed with a composite material merged with the typically manufactured parts.

The 3.6-metre long and 1.63-metre wide vehicle was built around 1.5 months with the printing part taking up to five days. The manufacturing process only cost 11,000 Yuan or $1,770. As inexpensive as it may sound, the car involved 500 kg of Tyrant Gold substance which cost 10 Yuan/kg plus extra 1,000 Yuan for labor and electricity.

Chief designer Chen Mingqiao said, “The density of the material is much lighter than that of the metal, only one-seventh or one-eighth. Lighter weight will help save energy in the future.”

The 3D firm was known for its production of the world’s first fully-operating boat last August. The 2-meter boat weighs around 35kg and can fit two persons. It was printed using a 13,000kg printer, qualified of printing items that extends up to 4 meters in length and has at least 2 meters width.

Shuya isn’t the first to have unveiled such model. The world’s first 3D printed car is the Urbee. It was created in the US in 2013 by KOR EcoLogic along with RedEye on Demand and 3D printing manufacturer Stratsys. Then, in September 2014, American company Local Motors 3D unveiled their Strati at the International Manufacturing Technology Show held in Chicago.

Today, companies have been leaning on to 3D-printing technology because of its very innovative and futuristic approach. Many even considered it being used inside the homes from printing clothes, furniture, household appliances.

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