WATCH: Epic Sea Battle Between Seal and Giant Octopus Caught On Cam

WATCH: Epic Sea Battle Between Seal and Giant Octopus Caught On Cam

59-year-old Bob Ianson was just strolling at Ogden Point, along the water, with his wife Joan, daughter Jenn and grandson,  when he saw something that caught his eye – a struggle between a seal and a huge octopus.

Thankfully, the amateur photographer had with him his camera and did not waste time and immediately captured the sea battle.

The local from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, originally thought the shapes in the water were two harbor seals but he was surprised when the hunter showed off after a few minutes with the octopus in its mouth.


“The seal came up with this thing in its mouth, and it was almost as if he looked me in the eye, and presented it to me and said, ‘Look what I have!’ He was looking right at me,” Bob said in an interview with Huffington Post.


According to him, the seal estimates to 4 ½ feet long while the Alaska Fisheries Science Center claims the Giant Pacific Octopuses can regularly weigh 50lbs.


Bob described how the tentacled sea-creature put up a good fight against the seal for almost ten minutes. “The third time he came back up, the octopus was wrapped around the seal.  The octopus literally had the entire head of the seal.”

The epic scene eventually drew the crowd’s attention until the fight ended with the mammal winning over his favorite dinner.

Here’s a video of the action-packed tussle which was captured by another bystander.

Meanwhile, here’s something you need to know about the Giant North Pacific Octopus:

source: Alaska Fisheries Science Center

source: Alaska Fisheries Science Center

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