Viral Video Of SAF Ambush Genuine, Confirms SAF Officer; Trooper Identified

Viral Video Of SAF Ambush Genuine, Confirms SAF Officer; Trooper Identified

In the midst of the ongoing investigation over the brutal killing of the 44 Philippine National Police Special Action Force (PNP SAF) troopers in Mamasapano, Maguindanao last January 25, a controversial video went viral that broke the hearts and made netizens sick to their stomach.

The 6-minute clip shows the actual ambush of one SAF trooper who was still alive and fighting for his life when he was shot in  the head and chest by an unidentified man.


After the shooting, the man ran into the cornfield and took the weapon of another slain officer. As the video continue to play, other people were seen scouting the field, looking for weapons from the lifeless SAF men. Gunfire was also heard in the background with people shouting, “Allah hu akbar!”

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In a report by, the SAF member who was brutally murdered in the video was identified as PO1 Joseph Sagonoy, according to his older brother, James.

James said in a phone interview, “Tumatawag mga relatives ko sa akin. Nasa video daw kung paano pinatay ‘yung kapatid ko,” (Translation: My relatives are calling me. They said there’s a video showing how my brother was killed)

photo from PO1 Joseph Sagonoy Facebook

photo from PO1 Joseph Sagonoy Facebook

The commanding officer of the 5th Special Action Force Battalion, upon close examination, also confirmed that the video is authentic claiming that the man in the film is a member of the 55th Special Action Company.

Leonardo Espina, Philippine National Police officer-in-charge, said he was hurt by how the SAF troopers were executed by Moro rebels adding that he could not even sleep. He condemned the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. for the overkill stressing that they knew that the men they were shooting were SAF troopers.

Espina also described that the PNP are all for peace. “My men, buhay na buhay, di man lang pinauwi sa mga anak,” he said.

Until now, the PNP OIC is still looking for answers for the brutal killing saying ,

I want answers. When time comes I have to face them, at least I can say something. Sana nga, kasama na lang ako doon. I want answers so than when we see each other in the afterlife, I can tell them what happened.

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