This Woman Spends £6,000 To Make Her Legs Longer So She Could Be A Supermodel

This Woman Spends £6,000 To Make Her Legs Longer So She Could Be A Supermodel

If you don’t like something about yourself, what would you do? Change it, hide it, or flaunt it?

For 5ft 4in Alexandra Transer, she decided to go under a £6,000 operation to add a few extra inches in her height. Well, she has grown 6cm after that and is now preparing for two more surgeries to reach 6ft.

At the age of 14, the pretty lady from Volgograd, Russia, dreamed of being a supermodel. However, her height is nowhere near the 6ft requirement.

When she was 17, Alexandra tried to get into modeling school. But the director told her that the only way she could be the right height is to grow leg extensions.

“So that’s exactly what I decided to do,” Alexandra said. “At first my parents were really against it. My mum is only 5.2ft and my dad 5.5ft, so we are a family of shorties. But I had read about something called the Ilizarov apparatus which lengthens bones and that the Soviet high jump champion Valery Brumel had had this done in 1968, so I decided to work and save up money to have the operation done. Seeing that, I was so determined, my parents gave in and agreed to support me,” she added.

After the operation (photo from CEN)

After the operation (photo from CEN)

Not giving up, the wanna-be model stopped attending school and decided to work for her engineering dad as an assistant so she can save up for the operation to make her legs longer.

Alexandra is now 30 years old and has grown 6cm taller. She said, “I am now planning two more operations in the next couple of years and by 2018 I will be 6ft. I’ll probably be told I’m too old to be a model by then, but I’ll dye my hair blonde and at least I will look and feel like one.”

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