Study Reveals That Dark Roast Coffee Can Protect Your DNA

Study Reveals That Dark Roast Coffee Can Protect Your DNA

Ever since man had a taste of coffee, not only has it made our taste buds happy or made us more alert, hundreds of studies have been conducted on how a cup of Joe can actually benefit our health. IFL Science¬†enumerated some of its benefits, like a healthier heart, prevention of Type 2 Diabetes and Parkinson’s Disease and reducing skin cancer risk.

According to GMA News, a recent study revealed yet another benefit one can get from drinking coffee. A group of healthy men were grouped into two. One group was asked to drink 750 ml dark roasted coffee and another group was asked to drink water for four weeks.

Four weeks after the study was conducted, the groups showed a significant difference in the DNA breakage in their white blood cells. The group that consumed dark roast coffee had 27% less breakage than the group which only consumed water!

It was concluded in the study that drinking dark roast coffee can contribute to the integrity of one’s DNA, which actually is beneficial to our health. A previous study showed that DNA breakage can cause mutations, diseases and even certain cancers.

Now you have more reasons to go on a coffee break!

Photo Credit: Real Life Wisdom

Photo Credit: Real Life Wisdom

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