South Korea Legalizes Adultery, No Doubt Condom Stocks Roar Up

South Korea Legalizes Adultery, No Doubt Condom Stocks Roar Up

On Thursday, South Korean court abolished the 62-year old law that criminalized adulterers.

Right after the announcement, the country’s biggest condom maker Unidus, which benefits most from freeing the law has their stock price jumped about 15 percent higher, The Guardian reported.

The 1953 law, which carried a maximum penalty of two years in jail, was passed due to the status of wives who were financially dependent on their husbands.

In recent years, only few were reportedly spent time behind bars. Divorcing couples resolved issues pertaining to financial settlement, making the old law less effective and no longer serves it purpose at all.

Seven of the court’s nine judges voted to overturn law banning adultery.

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In a statement of constitutional court, it was announced,

It has become difficult to say that there is a consensus on whether adultery should be punished as a criminal offense.

It should be left to the free will and love of people to decide whether to maintain marriage, and the matter should not be externally forced through a criminal code.

Unconvinced justice Ahn Chang-ho, said the vote would “spark a surge in debauchery”.

Hyundai Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, makers of morning-after pill, is also making a great 9.7 percent increase in shares.

The number says it all. South Koreans take charge of their own free will yet making clear it’s pleasurable safe.

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