The Smartphone That Beat Samsung in China

The Smartphone That Beat Samsung in China

It’s crystal clear, Samsung is the leading smartphone brand, even Forbes says so… But are they really still leading in the smartphone industry? Maybe they are, as of the moment, but in the near future, maybe not!

So which company is sneakingly beating the smartphone king Samsung?

Have you heard of the smartphone Xiaomi? They are leading in China at least.

What is Xiaomi, by the way?

According to Xiaomi’s official website, Xiaomi, a Chinese company, was founded by Lei Jun who was also one of the co-founders of Kingsoft, an office software company (Think: Microsoft). Xiaomi is actually a young company established in 2010. But their being a newbie in the industry does not make them lag behind the other smartphone giants. Currently, Xiaomi is valued at over 10 billion USD.  They are a big company too, with over 3,000 employees.

Number 1 in China, and now, 3rd globally

In a news from Computer World, Xiaomi is now the third largest smartphone vendor, and just this February 17, International Data Corporation (IDC), a market intelligence firm, stated that in China, Samsung is already behind Xiaomi’s smartphone sales. Xiaomi actually had a 12.5 % share in the market in 2014, and Samsung just a small percentage behind with a 12.1% market share.

Photo Credit: MI Facebook Account

Photo Credit: MI Facebook Account

Why Xiaomi?

IDC said that Xiaomi products focus on making their smartphones affordable, but at the same time has competitive specifications.

Xiaomi’s focus on selling low-cost phones with decent specifications, as well as the hype that it created through its flash sales, helped it to obtain the top position.

A copycat, eh?

ABS-CBN reports critics actually slam Xiaomi for “copying” other popular smartphones like the iPhone 6 Plus. Well, indeed, if you search on Youtube you will see hundreds of videos comparing Xiaomi’s smartphones to other mobile phones like Apple, Samsung, Asus, and Huawei among others.

Our verdict?

Well, I only know Xiaomi for their ads in Lazada, they do not have physical stores or concept stores in the Philippines, but if they do ask us to try their smartphones, we would be willing to evaluate them fairly. The closest I have ever known about it was when my husband told me that one of his Chinese bosses has a Xiaomi Mi 4 smartphone and said that it was actually very similar with a Samsung smartphone. He actually watched a lot of Youtube videos about it explaining to me that it was a good one at a low price.

Xiaomi Mi 4 vs Samsung S5 vs iPhone 6 Plus

Xiaomi Mi 4 vs Samsung S5 vs iPhone 6 Plus

So, will this be the end of an era for Samsung smartphones? We’ll just wait and see, but for now we will be waiting for Xiaomi to become more available in stores and malls here in the country.

Do you own a Xiaomi smartphone? Tell us about your experience. Leave a comment below.

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