Wife’s Samsung Note 3 literally explodes, Thankful Husband Says She Suffered No Injury

Wife’s Samsung Note 3 literally explodes, Thankful Husband Says She Suffered No Injury

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has made an interesting unit sales among it’s rivals on 2013. Great sales that would literally blow up your mind! Impressive hot phones are sold like hotcakes. But man, it does get so hot and reportedly explode like a bombshell!

On Thursday, Senior Pastor Stephen Go Tan reportedly said his wife’s Samsung Note 3 literally exploded as her battery bloated and combusted.

According to Tan, her wife Cindy apparently felt the heat with her phone then decided to put it down afterwhich just exploded unexpectedly.

The battery’s phone with removable back case scattered outward then broke out.

Cindy hasn’t caught any faulty injuries which made her husband seemed to be thankful for.

Where reported cases of Samsung phone’s explosion were mostly caused by prolong heat related with charger accidents or sunlight, Cindy’s phone was in the cool air-conditioned bedroom all night and exploded this 8:15 morning.

“It was not charging at the time, she was holding it in her hand,” he added.

The phone which got a significant damage was bought in Korea, but Tan still hoping Samsung local stores here will replace the phone since it is still under warranty.

UPDATE: Samsung’s promptness was greatly appreciated

Prior to the negative claims ranted that it was a fake smartphone, Tan posted that the Note 3 was bought in Seoul, Korea from a licensed Samsung store in Sept. 2014.

“The battery was an original Samsung battery and was not charging and it was not charged overnight. The phone was on top of the night stand (uncovered) all night. It was used in the cool of the air-conditioned bedroom at the beginning of the day when it suddenly heated up,” he added.

According to Tan, he was pleased the company was prompt in providing assistance and the replacement was given already.

“Samsung has taken [the phone] and it is under investigation by their technical team.”

“We have been a “Samsung family” for many years and have never had issues with their phones or tablets before.” Tan added.

Other Galaxy Devices Spontaneously Combusted

On May 2013, Swiss teenager Fanny Schlatter suffered second-and third-degree burns when her device apparently exploded in her pocket.

She was injured when the Samsung Galaxy S3 allegedly blew up in her pants.

Her boss, Stephane Kubler, came into assistance but by that time the flames got into her shoulder already.

She then filed a criminal complaint against Samsung.

In Korea, a 55-year old man reportedly suffered injuries when his galaxy note flared up in his pants pocket.

He suffered second-degree burns in his right thigh while he was carrying the device on his hands.

Samsung spokesperson released an explanation about the matter saying that “explosion was caused by the devices’ lithium ion battery, which is prone to combustion “due to external pressure or sudden changes in temperature.”

With news related with exploding Samsung devices, potential buyers would like to request quality control inspection before it will release the products.

Related reports about explosion of lithium ion batteries are not just Samsung incidents yet would this stop you from buying one? Blow up your comments below.

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