Rude Commuter Gets Instant Karma; Man He Pushed in Train Turns Out to be His Job Interviewer!

Rude Commuter Gets Instant Karma; Man He Pushed in Train Turns Out to be His Job Interviewer!

It was karma at its finest. Who would have thought fate would deal such poetic justice so swiftly?

On a typical morning commute in London, passengers of a delayed train were feeling frustrated. So, many of them were in a hurry to get off the train.

Matt Buckland, an HR exec of Forward Partners, a venture capital firm, was standing by the train door and ready to disembark when a man rudely pushed forward ahead of him. Stunned at the rude behavior but still quite polite, Buckland told the man he was also getting off the same stop. This angered the guy who then told him to f*** off.

Not one to hold a grudge over something petty, he forgot about the incident while he was busy at work. By 5:30 PM, he was ready to welcome a job applicant in his office when he saw it was the same guy who pushed him at the train station and rudely cursed him. This guy did not even seem to recognize him!


Buckland seized the moment and posted it on Twitter. Within moments, the tweet went viral and was picked up by major news and social medial sites.

In an interview on BuzzFeed, Buckland said that though he was disappointed by the man’s behavior, he did not take it against the guy during the job interview. However, he admitted the guy did not pass the screening process.

A lot of people commended Buckland’s professionalism though many also said they would surely hold a grudge against the guy and make sure he won’t be hired by the company. After all, he was quite rude to a random commuter – who knows if he is also rude to the company’s customers and clients?

If Buckland secretly used the guy’s early actions against him, most netizens thought it was exactly what the rude commuter deserved! So, always try to be polite to everyone you meet, even strangers on the train.

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