Special Privileges allowed? Revilla attended Enrile’s party-Prosecutors

Special Privileges allowed? Revilla attended Enrile’s party-Prosecutors

Government lawyers showed images of Senator Bong Revilla supposedly attending Enrile’s 91st birthday inside the Philippine National Police (PNP) Hospital on February 14.

Prosecutors revealed the alleged pictures of Revilla partying with Enrile to prove that the detained lawmaker allegedly received special privileges.

The prosecution lawyers concluded that Revilla went to Enrile’s party without consent from Sandiganbayan.

The prosecutors’ motion read against the claim of detainee: “If this information recently received by the prosecution is accurate, it confirms and validates prior reports that accused Revilla is being accorded special privileges while in detention at the PNP Custodial (Center).”

In the motion filed by the prosecution team, they have included two photos of Revilla along with other celebrators on Enrile’s birthday and one written article by Milwida Guevarra. Guevarra is a former finance undersecretary who have attended and saw Revilla.

In opposing Revilla’s request, the prosecution team demanded Sandiganbayan to immediately transfer the senator to a regular jail facility at Camp Bagong Diwa in Bicutan, Taguig City.

Photo showing former Senate President Enrile. Photo from: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/

Photo showing former Senate President Enrile.
Photo from: newsinfo.inquirer.net

Not for party, but for medical check-up

Revilla just shrugged off the allegations thrown at him saying those are just pure lies.

“It is not true that I was at the Hospital to visit Senator Juan Ponce Enrile.  I did not go to his room as I did not even know where that was…  The Special Prosecutors have again gone lengths to propagate lies and put me in a bad light,” he said.

He admitted that he was at the PNP Hospital on February 14 but was not in the party. He was there for his medical check-up.

He pleaded for permission from the Custodial Center management after experiencing “sudden increase in blood pressure”.

“On February 14, at about 4:25  in the afternoon, I was rushed to the PNP General Hospital after experiencing cold sweats, stiffness and pain on the back my head and neck, and a debilitating migraine attack. It appeared that I had a spike in my blood pressure,” Revilla said.

The prosecution asserted that the medical certificate issued by Dr. Francisco Agudon, which the senator submitted together with his motion, has no bearing since it was not notarized.

Agudon affirmed that Revilla’s condition was “a meare impression and is not based on any diagnostic examination”.

“There is nothing in Revilla’s motion or in the medical certificate… which indicates that he has undergone any examination to prove that he is indeed suffering from this ailment,” it said.

The prosecutors strongly believe that the senator should be examined by government doctors, if not there will be no any accepted reasons for the court to consider his claims of needing medical therapy.

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