Eating Placenta is the Latest Fad Among US Moms

Eating Placenta is the Latest Fad Among US Moms

As bizarre as it may sound, eating placenta is the latest health trend among American moms these days.

Dubbed as “placentophagy”, the new health fad involves eating the bloody spongy organ in the form of solid, liquid, or in capsule. This iron-rich organ provides nutrients, hormones, and oxygen to the fetus via umbilical cord during the gestation period.

Although not yet scientifically proven to give health benefits, new mothers who have tried the strange health practice claimed that it helps produce healthy milk, boosts one’s energy, and has emotional benefits.

PHOTO CREDIT: Manila Bulletin

PHOTO CREDIT: Manila Bulletin

Booker, a 65-year-old lady who prepares placenta into capsules said it helps combat postpartum depression among new moms. The US Centers for Disease Control and Preventions said that about 19% of women in US suffer from postpartum depression.

PHOTO CREDIT: Economic Times

PHOTO CREDIT: Economic Times

It is one of the pieces of the puzzle that helps you to decrease the emotional roller coaster of the early postpartum period,” Booker said.

Hollywood Moms Join The Trend

Even Hollywood celebrity moms have joined the bandwagon of health buff moms.

Alicia Silverstone, best known for playing the role of Cher in the 90’s film Clueless, published placenta recipes after she gave birth.

Meanwhile, Mad Men star January Jones reportedly ate her dried placentas after giving birth to her son Xander.

Most animals except for several domesticated ones and marine mammals, consume their own placenta after giving birth. Experts believe this contributes to the bonding process with their offspring.

In traditional Chinese medicine, dried placenta is believed to have restorative benefits.

The Royal College of Midwives (RCM) said that further research is needed to establish the health benefits of placentophagy. Still, they believe it’s up to the mother if she wants to practice the new after-birth ritual.

Our view is that if a mother wants to keep her placenta, it’s her choice and it should be facilitated.”

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