Piolo Pascual hits back hard to basher who calls him ‘bakla piola’

Piolo Pascual hits back hard to basher who calls him ‘bakla piola’

For a long time now, celebrity bashers and haters have been having a field day lashing out and vilifying celebrities like Kapamilya heartthrob Piolo Pascual whom they happen not to like. And for the very first time, Piolo replied to an Instagram user under [email protected] who posted a comment on Pokwang’s post and said “The bakla piola”.

Piolo then searched for @joydagz7252009 account, took a screen shot of her account and posted back tagging her user name with “I hope your daughter (if she is) grows up to be a respectful person..”


In the latter part, @joydagz7252009 defended her side stating “Nag comment lang, hay naku Pilipino nga naman”.


After the Instagram user’s comment to Pokwang’s post, a lot of Netizens reacted with what Piolo did stating that it was just right, that “bashers” like @joydagz7252009, according to them sometimes needs to learn about respect.

Piolo is one of the many celebrity victims of the below-the-belt bashing on cyberspace. There’s a lot more out there! I really hope these type of people will educate themselves to set legal limits on what can be posted on the internet.

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