Here’s What Researchers Discovered About People Who Are Addicted To Their Phones

Here’s What Researchers Discovered About People Who Are Addicted To Their Phones

How many times do you check your phone every day?

On average, a student devotes his entire 95 minutes per day texting and almost 60% of students feel worried when they get detached from their mobile devices. Some even spent roughly 10 hours each day texting and visiting their social media on their phone.

Elite Daily reports that people who always look at their phones every other minute tends to be more unsteady and cranky.

A study conducted at Texas’ Baylor University proved the influence of technology as they enlisted 346 people, both men and woman ages 19-24. Each was asked to fill out a questionnaire to determine their personality type and their relationship with their mobile gadgets.

The result:

A number of participants who struggled in focusing and keeping their emotions in check were also the same people who were preoccupied with their phones. And those who were introvert were the ones who don’t depend on their device.

Researches therefore conclude:

Those who express feelings of shyness and bashfulness may be less likely to become dependent on their cell phones than their more extroverted counterparts.

Moreover, it was also presumed that insecure individuals frequently check their phones to guard themselves from the pressures they face.

Much like a variety of substance addictions, cell phone addiction may be an attempt at mood repair. Incessant checking of emails, sending texts, tweeting, and surfing the web may act as pacifiers for the unstable individual distracting him or herself from the worries of the day and providing solace, albeit temporarily, from such concerns.

Meanwhile, in another study held last year, it was also discovered that the people who have least dependency on their phones often may be an extreme minority.

So, which group do you belong to?

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