Obama Requests War Powers from Congress to Fight ISIS

Obama Requests War Powers from Congress to Fight ISIS

After reports of continued airstrikes done by Jordan to decimate the ISIS, many citizens challenged their own leaders to fight against terrorism, whether in their locality or to join hands to pulverize the leading terrorist groups in the world.

The King of Jordan promised he and his forces will do their best to drive away the militant group and to significantly lower their number using whatever force is necessary, until they run out of fuel and bullets.

For days, airstrikes hit areas where members of the ISIS are hiding. The King of Jordan had no qualms in decimating these people because he said the group is not just killing innocent people but also killing the teachings of Islam.

Obama Requests for War Powers

Unlike the King of Jordan who can immediately direct his people to war, US President Barrack Obama still needs the permission of the Congress to engage the ISIS. In a report on CNN, the president formally asked the Congress for these powers; though he acknowledged how this could be another long and difficult mission for the US military.

Just like the King of Jordan’s methods, Obama is also planning on a “systemic and sustained campaign of airstrikes”. He also said humanitarian assistance as well as support and training for forces on the ground will also be provided.

However, this campaign will only be limited to three years and no ground troops will be deployed to Syria or Iraq.

What People Think of Obama’s Request

Netizens are torn over Obama’s request; though 54 percent of American respondents to an exclusive NBC News/Marist poll said they support the president’s call.

As for Filipinos, we are not directly affected by Obama’s call but many netizens are hoping the US President would extend these airstrikes to hit the terrorist groups in Mindanao.

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