This Man Is Selling His Virginity As a Gift for International Women’s Day

This Man Is Selling His Virginity As a Gift for International Women’s Day

For the Romanian student Sorin Georgian Salinievici, education is the top priority, and he will actually go to any extent just to invest for his future.

And to survive schooling, a report stated that Salinievici is selling his virginity as gift for a woman in celebration of the International Women’s day on March 8.  In a separate write-up, the 24-year old student is selling his virginity after seeing some news in the internet about women who are actually doing the same.

He currently works as a minimum wage security guard. He had to leave schooling because he is broke and could not afford the price of education for himself, and because he can not go back to his foster parent’s home, he now tries to raise money to fund his university education.

tdp man selling virginity 2

Sorin Georgian Salinievici. via Expess


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Sorin Georgian Salinievici. via Expess


According to his friend Vasile Han, Salinievici treasured his virginity, and he is saving it for the one, but his act showed how desperate he is to fund his education and invest for his future.

In the report, Salinievici only requests for a woman who is ‘nice and honest.’ He says,

Regarding her appearance, the woman that buys my virginity has to look decent… But really I am doing this to sort out my financial troubles, not for fun and I want 2,000 euros. I won’t give it away for less.


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