Isla Jardin del Mar: A Hidden Paradise in Glan, Sarangani

Isla Jardin del Mar: A Hidden Paradise in Glan, Sarangani

Dubbed as “The Boracay of the South”, the beach in Glan in Sarangani Province is one of the destinations in our SoCCSKSarGen Experience Tour 2014 that got me very excited. After all, I am a certified beach bum!

If you ask tricycle drivers what’s the best resort to visit in the small town, they will all tell you it’s Isla Jardin del Mar. We were fortunate enough to be housed in this 34-hectare resort for one night.

The first thing I did when I reached the resort was to check out the beachfront. Spanning 750 meters long, I must say it’s perfect for nature strolls. Although the sand was not as white and fine as Boracay’s, I would still say it’s better than most beaches in the country I’ve been to. The beach water is crystal clear, a clear sign that it’s unspoiled.


Aside from the beach, the resort has a fishpond, a lagoon area, and offers activities such as jetski, all-terrain vehicle, mountain treks. However, we didn’t have time to do those things since we were saving our energy for our next activity: DINNER TIME!

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I think the food we ate at the resort compensated for our jam-packed schedule that day. Everything served was excellent but of course the seafoods were worth all the calories!

We stayed in one of the resort’s cottage bedroom. There’s nothing really fancy about it but I like the fact that it’s cozy and it’s basically made of bamboo. The natural and tropical feel it exudes and the sea breeze coming from outside made me well-rested that night.

Overall, I think Isla Jardin del Mar is ideal for group trips rather than couple’s get-away. There’s nothing pretentious about this resort with a beautiful beach, great food, and cozy cottages.


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