New Diet Craze: Bodybuilders And Fetishists Buy Women’s Breast Milk For Personal and Health Purposes

New Diet Craze: Bodybuilders And Fetishists Buy Women’s Breast Milk For Personal and Health Purposes

Did you know that humans are the only animals that drink milk of another animal?

Oddly, we love to indulge in a gallon of ice cream, a yogurt, and even a cow’s milk but when it comes to drinking human breast milk, it gives us that icky feeling.

Just recently, aside from babies, drinking breast milk has become a fashion among bodybuilders and fetishists. The latter often request for “wet nurses” to satisfy their desires.

Rebecca, a new mom, was approached by a man in a grocery store and asked if she was breastfeeding her daughter. The next question shocked Rebecca as she recalled,

He lingered for a minute and you could tell he was a little nervous to ask, and then he asked if I would be interested in selling him my breast milk. I just sort of looked at him strangely and said ‘I don’t think so, but if you need breast milk they have milk banks for that – to make sure babies get milk’ and he said ‘Oh, no it’s for me. I’m doing bodybuilding and CrossFit.’


Komonews was able to interview another man through email and claimed that he buys and drinks breast milk for health and workout purposes.

Interestingly, there’s also a website addressed to wherein women can sell their breast milk for up to $5 per ounce to a large group of anonymous clients mostly consisting of men.


According to Joanne Ransom, Clinical director of the Northwest Mothers Milk Bank, even though the practice is safe, the trades in unregulated markets aren’t. Her fear is for the consumers to acquire diseases including HIV through contaminated breast milk.

So, if someone really wanted to purchase a safe boob juice, you can do so through regulated government agencies because they test the milk before selling. Most moms who cannot produce enough milk buy in these organizations.

Jennifer Rowse, a breast milk sellers says that human milk is way more natural than consuming another species’ milk.

One doctor also agreed to this, making it part of his raw-food diet.

However, with the breast feeding fad, there’s no strong evidence that supports any of the assumed benefits.
What can you say about this? Would you want to drink your mom’s milk even when you’re past your diaper years?

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