This Former Flight Attendant Quit Her Job to Look Like Barbie

This Former Flight Attendant Quit Her Job to Look Like Barbie

Martina Big found her job as a flight attendant so boring so she quit her job to become a real-life Barbie and become a glamour model. She has gone to extremes that almost her entire face underwent the knife and her breasts can be adjusted to whichever size she pleases.

Martina was just a simple flight attendant 2 years ago working for a local airline company. She found the job “routinary” and felt restricted as she cannot have the look she always wanted working as a cabin crew who had to look neutral.

According to Mirror, Martina started her journey to become a real life Barbie at the age of 17 with the encouragement of her boyfriend Michael.

Martina started changing her looks in May 2012 by making her legs, hips and waist to look slimmer just like Barbie. She then narrowed her nose and enlarged her lips. To complete her facial make-over she had porcelain veneers to have sparkling white teeth.

Martina-Big (1)

And Martina’s makeover journey didn’t end there. In December of 2012, Martina had her breasts enlarged which took six separate procedures. The breast enlargement procedures also made it possible for her to have her breast size increase or decrease whichever way she wants and she can adjust them on her own. She could actually adjust them from 650 ml to 2500 ml each.

Photo Credit: Huffington Post

Photo Credit: Huffington Post

Not only are Martina’s breasts stretchable, but she can actually adjust them at the comfort of her own home. She can actually connect a hose on her right boob where she can inject saline solution in a port of her right underarm.

But Martina’s huge breasts are actually not enough for her. She dreams of making them twice as big and be able to inject 5,000 ml of saline soon. Not only that, she is also dreaming to have bigger buttocks as well.

Currently, Martina now models for Glamour and tours Europe in her American RV. But her dream isn’t over yet, with a breast size which is 70 L, she still wants to make them bigger!

Martina’s caption on her modelling profile says it all,

Big is not big enough!!!

We wonder what she will make “bigger” next time!

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