There is FOREVER! Husband and Wife for 67 Years Dies Holding Hands Within Hours

There is FOREVER! Husband and Wife for 67 Years Dies Holding Hands Within Hours

Couples, what if you could die with your partner, holding hands, telling each other that both of your deaths is the beginning of yet another ‘forever.’

Well, this is what Floyd Hartwig and his wife, Violet, had for each other in the light of their lives. As they endured every bit struggle during their 67 years of marriage, they still remained unwavering of their love. And in their last hours, the inspiring couple dies holding hands to face the end together.

According to a report, Floyd, 90, and Violet, 89, died on February 11 – with Floyd breathing his last first and Violet holding his hand for the next five hours until her very end as well.

It was reported that the couple first met on Easton, California as children. When Floyd began courting Violet during his World War II Navy Service, they began exchanging more than 130 romantic letters as they waited for each other til Floyd’s service came to an end.

When Floyd was discharged as a Navy in 1947, they married instantly, eventually raising a family with three daughters. In the report, Floyd was said to be working as a farm foreman and has managed a 20-acre property, where the devoted lived until this January.

Their stories neared the end as Violet’s memory failed with dementia. Also with Floyd struck with both bladder and colon cancers without knowing that his kidneys were already failing.

As they enter another beginning on the ending of their love story, their family stayed with them and witnessed their unfailing devotion for each other as they held hands while in their hospital beds, dying just a few hours apart.

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