7 Falls Zipline, Dolores Lake Resort and Dolores Tropicana Resort: Unforgettable experiences happened here!

7 Falls Zipline, Dolores Lake Resort and Dolores Tropicana Resort: Unforgettable experiences happened here!

Perhaps the most unforgettable experiences I had during our SoCCSKSarGen Experience Tour 2014 happened in Lake Sebu.

A prime-ecotourism destination in South Cotabato, Lake Sebu is truly a hidden jewel of the South yet to be explored. With a calm, natural lake, breathtaking view of the mountain and seven waterfalls, my experience in this place was definitely unforgettable.

A main attraction in Lake Sebu is Seven Falls which consists of the following: Falls 1: “Hikong Alo”, Falls 2: “Hikong Bente”, Falls 3: Hikong B’Lebel “Coil/Zigzag”, Falls 4: Hikong Lowig “Booth”, Falls 5: Hikong Ukol “Wild Flower”, Falls 6: Hikong K’Fo-I “Short”, and Falls 7: Hikong Tonok “Soil”.

So while the names of these falls may bore you, the idea of seeing these seven falls was truly exciting.

Conquering 7 Falls Zipline

They told us that the best way to see all these falls is by riding the 7 Falls Zipline.

I almost fainted when I heard that it was the highest hipline in Southeast Asia. But since it was a once in a lifetime experience, I gathered all the strength I had to conquer the 600ft high and 700 meters long-ride as well as the 400 meters long- second ride.

Was it worth it? Definitely! Seeing God’s creation at its finest was certainly worth the nerve-racking ride.

Relaxing at Dolores Lake Resort


Also located in Lake Sebu is Dolores Lake Resort where we were housed for a night. After a long day of touring the municipality, we finally had the chance to experience holistic relaxation at the newly developed resort.

Since we weren’t tired of exploring, our group decided to take the resort’s ferry boat  to check out the “panoramic view of the lake”. Not only did we see the wonder of nature, we also got a glimpse of the unique culture of residents thriving in the area.

Aside from the amazing experience the resort tour provided, we felt at home at the resort’s guestroom fully equipped with aircon, WiFi, and hot and cold showers. The best thing about the resort is that it’s very reasonably priced from P1,200 for a matrimonial room to P2,200 for a family room (good for 8).


If you’re planning to spend time in the area, this place will be worth visiting. Check out their website for more information.

Touring Dolores Tropicana Resort


Meanwhile, we still had the chance to experience nature while we were at the heart of Tambler, General Santos City. Dolores Tropicana Resort, a premiere resort in GenSan, served as our peaceful getaway in the city.

Relatively, the resort is big since it has 117 open beach cottages, 35 guestrooms, and 2 function rooms for events.

There’s a seafront restaurant that serves a wide variety of Pinoy and American dishes. Price ranges from P1,100 for standard to P2,800 for family room.


Don’t forget to book ahead since this place is easily filled up. Contact them through their website.

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