Darren Espanto Releases his very first Solo Album

Darren Espanto Releases his very first Solo Album

The Philippines is lucky to have found the newest artist who offers listeners a fresh and unique taste of music. The newest sensation, Darren Espanto has now marked his stand in the music industry. He needed an instrument that would ignite the spark for his pure talent in singing and this happened by joining The Voice Kids which landed him to second place bringing him to numerous opportunities here and abroad.

For a very young age, he is already a regular on Twitter’s trending topic list and has had millions views on YouTube. Darrenatics is what’s called for solid fans who have supported him from the blind audition to this very important event in his career, now launching his first solo album under MCA Music, “Darren.”

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The album consists of nine tracks including the piece “Domino” which he sang during the blind audition. His carrier single “In Love Ako Sa ‘Yo” composed by Vehnee Saturno, along with other Tagalog songs such as “Ewan Ko, “”My Girl,” and “Ah! Basta Gusto Kita.” All songs are memorable to Darren, including pieces that were recorded in Canada and written by foreign composers, Keith Martin and Deon Hairston’s “You Are The Only One”; Adrian & Lucas Rezza and Carvin Winans’s “I Believe in Me,” Filipino-American composer Brad Go, ”Makin’ Moves”;  and our own composer Kennard Faraon with “Stuck.” A magazine-like album is offered to his fans—a thirty eight-page all Darren Espanto. A message and dedication with his personal touch included to those who love him since the beginning.

Darren’s musical approach to his album conveys a rising pop superstar. He has the international singer “feel,” who can effortlessly reach high notes and be very flexible with every song that he sings. Listeners can expect dance and ballad songs from this talented kid who can also sing and dance to his own music.

His young age matches his playful sound and shows a glimpse of a bright future ahead of him. A young one who tells stories about puppy love, attraction to deep and serious love coming from Darren himself as he narrated one of his songs saying; “it’s actually about a guy liking another person and he’s always constantly thinking about her, kaya may mga lyrics po na ‘kahit sa pagtulog ko, ikaw ang nasaisip ko. ‘” We should find out which song it is; know and enjoy more of his album available at Astroplus and Odyssey stores. 

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