This Daddy sings Twisted ‘Frozen’ Lyrics to Drive her Child Crazy

This Daddy sings Twisted ‘Frozen’ Lyrics to Drive her Child Crazy

One thing is guaranteed here – we all know the movie “Frozen.” It is a worldwide sensation! And I am pretty sure that much of everyone who watched the famous animated icy film knows some lyrics to the theme songs from the film.

There is “Let It Go,” “Love Is An Open Door,” and “Do You Want To Build a Snowman?” Actually, I predominantly think you could belt out one these songs right now without errors. I guess with some notes off, but I guarantee the lyrics must be correct!

And here comes our comedic daddy. In this video, perhaps he thought that it would make a great video if he incorrectly sang one of Frozen’s theme song, which is actually the “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” to her daughter, messing her up.

I laughed hard as the little girl did not buy any of the twisted lyric tactic of his father. Even though her father sang something like “Do you wanna pee a snowman?”, she just wanted her father to stop singing incorrectly and drive.

But this daddy never stopped singing twisted ‘Frozen’ lyrics, and the rest of the video is purely hilarious.

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