Angry Bride married a guest after groom collapsed

Angry Bride married a guest after groom collapsed

If the groom could not make it, will pick a man to marry in the pool of guest.

This was indeed the remark of an Indian bride after her husband-to-be had an epileptic scene, fell into the ground in front of the whole gathering in Rampur,India.

Indira, angry that her family had been kept the secret about Jugal Kishore’s medical condition, switched her mind easily and married a wedding guest of her choice.

No time should be wasted. Right there and then, she married Harpal Singh, her sister’s brother-in-law.

Plainly dressed in jeans and leather jacket, Singh shocked for a moment by Indira’s announcement, later approved to take Indira as his wife.

Ceremony went smoothly without any disturbance, the two caught ended up reciting mantras and taking seven “pheras”, as reported by The Times of India.

After crashing him to the hospital, Kishore regained his consciousness and went back to the venue.

Pleading hardly to win her back, telling her he would not be able to face friends if he came home without her.

Relatives involved in. Request did not granted. Family used force, breaking spoon, plates and dishes by any means. Not so effective. The woman stayed true to her word.

Kishore and his family filed an FIR at the Milak police station in Rampur district yet withdrew after they have resolved the issue.

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