XCOR | Live In Manila

XCOR | Live In Manila

Amidst the revolving genre of this generation’s music industry, lies a subtle faction of a diverse harmony. XCOR – La Banda Vocal de Venezuela is finally here in the Philippines for their first ever Asia tour! Experience the music from different genres and styles from such high-calibre Latin American Vocal Band.

Orginating from Mérida, Venezuela, XCOR La Banda Vocal de Venezuela (lit. Spanish for “XCOR The Vocal Band of Venezuela”) was formed as an octet in 1996 and were formerly known as “Score Singers.” Their music is defined by their own arrangement style from singing tunes to diverse range of vocal imitation of instruments with their philosophy of “Thinking and becoming the instrument they represent.” and that simple philosophy makes all the difference, also unlike other a capella groups XCOR shares each instrument as it goes high and low.

XCOR began by experimenting with classic and academic music then mixing it up with several genres such as Salsa, Merengue, Bolero, Columbia, Reggae, Ska, Jazz, Tango, Pop, Vallenato then shifted towards popular music. But even though they do a wide range of genres they still keep a foot in their Latin American style.  They have worked with Venezuala’s biggest stars like Simón Díaz, Serenata Guayanesa, Yordano, María Rivas, The 007’s, The Melodicos, Emilio Lovera, Neri Per Caso (from Italy) and many many. Likewise, they add a flavor to their music with both a taste from Latin American and other parts of the continents giving a little bit of everything in what they sing.

XCor POster

And this coming Dec 17 2014 (Wednesday), Cultural Center of the Philippines in cooperation with the University of Santo Tomas Singers presents XCOR – Live in Manila at the CCP Little Theater. Don’t miss the chance to hear the spectacle of their music and see how they make their appeasing version of melody! For ticket inquiries, contact +639151013275 +639151293129

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