Watch: WTF Moments from Miss Earth 2014

Watch: WTF Moments from Miss Earth 2014

Filipinos rejoiced when the country’s bet for Miss Earth 2014 Jamie Herrell bested 85 beauties from all over the world in the international pageant held last November 29 at the U.P. Diliman Theater in Diliman, Quezon City.

Already on its 14th year, this year’s pageant was surrounded by controversies as netizens react on some cringe-worthy glitches committed by the pageant organisers.

Here are three WTF moments from Miss Earth 2014.

1. Miss Brazil: Lost in Translation

Although English is the universal language, many pageant contestants opt to deliver their answer in their mother-tongue and that is what Miss Brazil did during the competition. There was just one problem: she didn’t have an official interpreter.

“When can you say that a woman is truly empowered?” was the question thrown by international supermodel Allixon Harvard during the Q & A portion.

Miss Brazil Leticia Silva confidently delivered her answer in her own language but the audience had no idea what she said. As if the moment wasn’t awkward enough, the male host even interrupted the contestant thinking she was already done saying her piece. Again, that’s because he was totally clueless of what she was talking about.

Fortunately, Miss Switzerland saved the day as she tried to interpret and translate Miss Brazil’s answer.

“I’m so sorry, I’m not the translator for Miss Brazil.  She said something like a woman is empowered if she can do what she want. It comes from the inside, from the heart.”

Watch the awkward moment here:

Indeed, what happened was very unfair for Miss Brazil. Given the right interpreter, she could have gotten a better shot in the competition.

2. Nobody congratulated the winner

We understand if the other contestants were bitter about the results considering the winner is from the host country. However, something was certainly wrong in the picture when none of the finalists congratulated Miss Philippines. We’re hoping they gave her a peck on the cheek backstage.

Watch Miss Philippines receive the crown.

3. Crowning of Miss USA

The most anticipated moment in any pageant is the crowning portion. This year’s Miss Earth -Air winner Andrea Neu of USA definitely got her moment when Carousel Production Executive Vice President Lorraine Schuck “gracefully” gave her the crown.

Check out the funny moment at the 2- minute mark.

Although Miss Earth pageant has improved a lot from the past years, organizers and Carousel Production team can definitely learn a thing or two from these WTF moments. We’re hoping not to see any of these in the coming years.

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