Watch How Thief Used “Hypnosis” to Rob a Store Owner

Watch How Thief Used “Hypnosis” to Rob a Store Owner

Caught on the CCTV  is a man who allegedly “hypnotized” a bottle store owner in order to steal a large amount of cash from him.

The Metropolitan Police recently released a video footage showing what transpired during the night of September 11 inside a shop in North London.

Man steals using "hypnosis" technique

PHOTO CREDIT: Kicker Daily News

In the one-minute video clip, a man most probably in his 30’s was seen entering the shop and immediately striking a conversation with the owner identified as Aftab Haider.

Haider disclosed that the man wanted to buy a bottled water for his pregnant wife.

The man’s actions appeared normal until he started tapping Haider’s shoulders and stomach which instantly sent the victim “motionless” for a few seconds. Since Haider was in what seemed to be a trance, the alleged thief was able to steal the shop owner’s cash.

Marco Bardetti, the police leading the hunt for the thief detailed the crime: “The suspect touches the victim in parts of his body while talking to him face to face and then we see the victim motionless, standing still, and the suspect puts his hand into the victim’s pockets and removes the wallet and takes what looks like notes or cash out of the wallet. He put those notes and cash into his pocket and then puts the wallet back into the victim’s pocket.”

Although many believe that the thief used “hypnosis” to commit such crime, the police think it wasn’t used in the particular incident.

“We don’t believe its hypnosis, we’ve consulted on this and we believe it to be a very elaborate and very well practised stage act or parlour trick,” Bardetti added.

The suspect was described by the police as 5 ft 8ins tall, slim, and probably Eastern European. He was also wearing a black bomber jacket, a grey polo shirt, and dark jeans during the night of the crime.

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