Waitress Gets a New Car as TIP from Generous Couple

Waitress Gets a New Car as TIP from Generous Couple

Would you believe that there exists a couple who are so generous that they gave a waitress a new car as tip after a good breakfast?

Well, the story was not really as short as that, reveals Kicker Daily.

Some months ago, Gary and Roxann Tackett were dining at a Cracker Barrel restaurant in Branson, Missouri, when they noticed a beaten up old car whose hood was tied and whose broken windows were covered with plastic sheets and blankets.

Photo credit: The Huffington Post

Photo credit: The Huffington Post

At first, they thought the car was already abandoned. However, after finding the car at a different spot the next time they came back, the realized it was not as abandoned as they first thought it was.

After asking around, they learned that a waitress named Cindi Grady owned the beaten up car. It turned out that she repeatedly met an accident in that car, hitting deer on at least 5 occasions.

The couple came to a realization that they had to help Cindi. At the time, they were thinking about having her car repaired but they decided that buying her a new one would be better.

So, the two arranged for Cindi to receive an advanced Christmas gift over the Thanksgiving weekend. They informed her boss about the surprise.

After having breakfast, the two went out while Cindi’s boss took her aside for a ‘talk’. The call surprised Cindi who felt afraid she did a major mistake after her boss led her outside.

Much to her surprise, the Tacketts were waiting for her – with a new car wrapped in a red bow! She later told the Huffington Post how the gift came at the perfect time in her life because she was undergoing depression.

Photo credit: WPTV

Photo credit: WPTV

She said it restored her faith in humanity and that it was the best tip she has ever received in her entire life. Well, I bet it is one of the biggest tips ANYONE has ever received, anywhere across the world – right?

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