‘Unfortunate Incident’; Toddler Almost Swallowed A 5-inch Knife She Found Inside A Toy Set

‘Unfortunate Incident’; Toddler Almost Swallowed A 5-inch Knife She Found Inside A Toy Set

England – Parents Stewart Watts and Gina Barratt are blasting the manufacturers of a toy set where a five-inch knife was found and almost swallowed by their 11-month-old daughter.

According to Gina, her husband bought the children’s toy set, which has plastic tools such as a drill and spanner and came packaged inside a train-case, for £11.99 a week ago.

She explained, “Stewart gave it to Poppy and he sat with her. He opened it but didn’t see the knife and put it down for Poppy to play with. She took all the tools out and they were on the floor. She put the blade in her mouth and that’s when Stewart saw the shiny blade. He grabbed it off her and she carried on playing. She didn’t really know what had happened.I was cooking dinner when it happened and when I went in the room I was gobsmacked. I was devastated and I felt sick. I just kept thinking what could have happened and what damage it could have caused to Poppy.”


Stewart said he did not notice the knife when he opened the toy set. Not until Poppy lifted it to her mouth.

Gina described the knife to have a long blade with cardboard wrapped around part of it. She says with Christmas coming up, other parents might buy the same toy. “I just think it’s really scary.” She adds, “Nobody knows what could be inside it. My main concern is the safety of my child.”

Following the incident, the 24-year-old mom called Poundstretcher, where the toy was bought, several times to complain but she was asked to call the main office. “I rang customer services and nobody rand me back. I waited hours and it was a really serious incident. I rang back three times but I kept getting nowhere. I rang the next day and nobody was getting back to me.”

An investigation had been underway, said the Poundstretcher. A company spokesman explained, “We would like to apologize to Gina and her family. Our products are rigorously tested by the manufacturers and we are investigating how this unfortunate incident happened.”


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