Top 10 Features I Love about the Torque Droidz Atom S

Top 10 Features I Love about the Torque Droidz Atom S

Last week, I received a Torque Droidz Atom S unit for review.

After a week of using this sleek phone, I can truly say it is an excellent value for the money – especially because it costs just P3,399 [official price from Torque] but has lots of great features to enjoy.

Here are the top 10 features I truly love about the Torque Droidz Atom S.

1. Battery power is awesome!

Smartphones these days barely last a day, especially with heavy use but the Torque Droidz Atom S has a truly awesome battery life. I had only charged it twice this week – and the battery is still half full now!


Of course, the battery life depends on usage. I noticed how the battery was easily drained when I watched a 2-hour movie, used the camera to take a lot of pictures, then posted the photos on Facebook.

2. The screen is vivid

I could not help but compare the unit with the BlackBerry Q10 I am primarily using. The comparison might be ‘unfair’ and skewed because the Q10 was priced P33,000 when it was released – close to P30,000 more than the Torque Droidz Atom S – but you will actually be surprised with the results.

With a price just above P3,000, you could not consider the Torque Droidz Atom S as a high-end smartphone yet I was amazed by its vivid screen. In fact, the screen was MORE VIVID than that of the BlackBerry Q10!

screen comparison3. Very fast processor

I enjoyed how this phone responds well, processing information as quickly as I wanted. There is no waiting time for items to load; though I think that is highly dependent on the remaining memory on the phone.

So far, I love how the phone loads really quickly. For example, boot time was just a little over 20 seconds. This means that once you turn on the phone, you can already use it after 20 seconds! That’s quite fast considering how my Q10 takes over a minute to boot.

4. Excellent touchscreen

This phone’s touchscreen is very responsive to the touch, without being overly so. In short, you can easily swipe items on the screen, take your pick from the menu buttons with ease, or whatever action you needed to do.

There is on lag between the time you click the buttons and the response the phone gives. So far, the phone is quick and easy to use.

5. It is an android phone!

There are a ton of things you can do with an android phone – limited only by your time and the phone’s memory. This is why I love the Torque Droidz Atom S. There are a lot of fun and useful apps to download and use.

It is a great tool but also makes an excellent unit for having fun. All you have to do is download the apps and games you want – and enjoy them later, anytime, anywhere.

6. Fully customizable

This is related to #5 wherein you can download stuff to customize your phone. For example, I got tired of the regular keypad for the messaging, so I downloaded an app that changes the keypad scheme to the theme I like.


7. It has built-in memory

What makes me appreciate the Torque Droidz Atom S is that it has built-in memory, so even if it did not come with an extra memory card, I don’t have to buy one unless I need to store a lot of stuff inside the phone.

The phone storage capacity is at 1.27 GB – that is ample space for 2 movies and hundreds of photos.

8. The screen is large

As an entertainment unit, the phone’s large 4-inch screen makes me happy. I was able to watch a movie without my head aching afterwards. Because the screen is vivid, it was easy to enjoy the movie like I was watching it on TV, albeit a very small one.


9. Nice camera features

The rear camera comes with a flash and special settings you can change to capture better photos. Although the auto mode is alright to use during daytime in a bright environment, the photo quality is not so good in dimly lit areas.

However, tweaking with the settings allowed me to take better photos. For example, auto mode creates dull photos but putting on the white balance for fluorescent or daylight creates better photos whose colors were close to the real subject.

white balance features

The 2MP front camera is also wonderful.

I especially love the camera’s “smile” feature wherein the shutter automatically clicks once a smile is detected.

10. It looks sleek and classy

For something that costs just a little over P3,000, this phone does look quite classy and sleek. The shiny exteriors surely make this phone look like it was a high-end model. Clearly, it is a great buy.


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