This Woman Was Caught Filming Adult Movies Inside A Church; Claims She’s An Angel

This Woman Was Caught Filming Adult Movies Inside A Church; Claims She’s An Angel

Austria – A 29-year-old woman was arrested for filming porn movies inside a church.

Known only as “Babsi”, the woman was questioned in an Austrian court asking what motivated her to prefer a church for a porn movie. She said, “Believe me, if you look at what other people get up to I am really an angel.”

She was given a three-month suspended jail sentence.

According to Mirror, she was caught when a man recognized her boobs has claimed she’s “an angel” compared to other sinners.

An informant alerted the police following an appeal for information against the offender.

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A parishioner in Hoersching saw the inside of the church in the film while surfing online. He then told the local priest Bernhard Pauer who later notified the police.

The movie shows a woman opening her blouse and stroking her breasts. She is holding what seem to be a Bible, a rosary, and a sex toy which she uses to pleasure herself.

The woman made similar clips under the name “Babsi” which made it easy for the detectives to catch her.

Meanwhile, the incident caused the country, known to be a largely catholic nation, whether the church needs to be reconsecrated or not. Later it was agreed that the woman’s offense were not sufficient to drive out God from the church.

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When interviewed,  Babsi said she finds the whole thing completely inhuman. “I didn’t have any idea it was illegal. But I am proud of the fact that the whole country has been looking at these videos, it’s because I’m simply really good at what I do,” she added.

Although she has already apologized to the priest, she was demanded to pay a fine of £4,230.

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