This Love-Struck Woman Never Had Any Idea Her BF Was Born A Girl; Her Reaction…

This Love-Struck Woman Never Had Any Idea Her BF Was Born A Girl; Her Reaction…

London – Convinced she has found the perfect man, Charlotte Urie had no clue her new boyfriend, Kieran Maloney, was born a female called Ciara.

The 20-yer-old barista from Camden said, “I would never have guessed Kieran’s secret, but as soon as he told me he’d been born a girl it didn’t matter to me. I was surprised, but I love him for who he is and see him as a man. He’s very masculine and has a great body, but he’s also my best friend. I never had any concerns about dating someone transgender. Biology doesn’t matter.”

With an almost perfect body like the A-list Hollywood stars, Kieran had kept his sex-change a secret for seven years, until he met Charlotte in 2012. “When I first met Charlotte I was blown away by her beauty, but I was terrified of how she’d react if she found out I used to be a girl. I needed to know I could trust her, before I revealed my secret. Other girlfriends have been ashamed of who I am, but when I told Charlotte, she was so accepting. She’s amazing,” he said.

Charlotte explained Kieran sat her down before he told her that he was born a female. She was so surprised because her beau looked so manly. She said, “Kieran was really nervous and told me he’d understand if I just wanted to be friends. We talked it through for hours. I knew I still loved him and wanted to be with him. It didn’t matter he’d been born a girl.”

Kieran told Mirror that he was afraid of any more rejections after his experience with his past girlfriends. He described a special feeling of connection with Charlotte that forced him to reveal who he really was. “When she reacted like it was nothing, I felt so relieved. Finally I met someone who liked me for me,” he said.

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The couple stayed stronger even after the truth came out. In fact, they are now planning on tying the knot and using Kieran’s best friend as sperm donor to start their own family.

Kieran had his double mastectomy at the age of 20. He stressed he was unhappy with his gender at age 4, not interested in girl stuff, and even crying when his mommy would put him in a dress. He continues to tell how he was bullied in primary school. When he reached puberty, that’s when his confusing feelings escalated, saying he hated seeing his breasts develop. “I hated being a girl,” he added.

Kieran Moloney, left - as a girl, right - as he is today (photo from

Kieran Moloney, left – as a girl, right – as he is today (photo from

He was diagnosed as transgender at 16 following a session with a counselor.

When he began taking hormone tablets, he was happy for the changes it did with his body-giving him a more manly voice and body hair. He also started binding his breasts with sports tape to hide any signs of being a female.

As he transformed into a man, through rigorous gym workout and monthly testosterone injections, his family gave him their 100% support, even calling him “son”.

Two years later, his mother paid for his £5k double mastectomy. He said, “When I saw the results I felt euphoric. I finally had a man’s upper body, something I’d only dreamed about.”

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In 2012, he changed his name by deed poll. That’s also the same year he met Charlotte.

The couple explained that Kieran’s physical gender does not hinder them in enjoying a healthy sex life. The boyfriend said they reached the stage where they feel comfortable enough with each other to do whatever feels good.

Charlotte added that they would be the best parents saying they will explain Kieran’s background to their kids when they are old enough.

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