Smartphones Can Now Detect Eye Cancer

Smartphones Can Now Detect Eye Cancer

We all know how smartphones have made our lives more convenient. As a matter of fact, many people can’t imagine life without this technology. From broad communication options to pointing out directions, smartphones have completely transformed the way we live.

Recently, the Childhood Eye Cancer Trust launched a new campaign that shows how to detect retinoblastoma just by using the camera of a smartphone. The organisation will be releasing posters in baby clinics and GP surgeries in United Kingdom beginning this week.

An aggressive and fatal paediatric type of eye cancer, retinoblastoma affects young children. The Around 250 to 350 kids are affected by this disease annually, according to the National Institutes of Health. It usually develops before the age of 5.

This type of cancer mainly affects the retina at the back of the eyeball and may eventually lead to blindness. It can possibly spread to other body parts such as lymph nodes, brain, and bones which may be difficult to treat.

Despite its aggressive nature, retinoblastoma can be treated with laser therapy if detected early. Advanced stages may require surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

How Smartphone Camera Detect Retinoblastoma

So how exactly can a smartphone camera tell if your child has eye cancer?

According to the researchers of Harvard University  and Baylor University, the early symptoms of retinoblastoma shows as “white eyes” in digital photos.

Smartphones can detect eye cancer


That means if you take a photo of your child and the pupil appears to be white, like that of a cat’s eyes, then it could be an indicator of the eye tumor.

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