She Thought She Was Suffering From Food Poisoning, Until This Happened.

She Thought She Was Suffering From Food Poisoning, Until This Happened.

Scotland – A 19-year girl got the shock of her life when she gave birth on their bathroom floor without having any idea that she was pregnant.

Thinking she was suffering from food poisoning, Gemma Armstrong went to their toilet in Alness, Ross-Shire when she felt strong stomach aches.

Fortunately, her grandmother and aunt were with her in the house when the pain doubled up. They both help deliver little Orla Degan.

Gemma said she had absolutely no idea that she was pregnant. She described that she did not experience any of the usual tell-tale signs of pregnancy. “I made Sunday dinner the night before and was up all night with sickness and thought I had given myself food poisoning.I went to work on Monday morning, came back at 5 o’clock, went to the toilet and that is when my partner’s mother realised that I was having a baby and she delivered her on the bathroom floor with the help of my partner’s sister.”

She added that her 2-hour labor was a “real family effort” as her mother in law and Daniel’s sister help her cut the umbilical cord of the baby.

Daniel Degan, Gemma’s partner was also surprised and flew home from Malta the next day when he received a call that he had become a dad.

The paramedic team arrived at their home moments before baby Orla was born. Weighing 7 lbs 9 oz, the newborn was very beautiful and perfectly healthy. They were both taken to the hospital for further checkup.

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The new mom said she did everything a pregnant woman is NOT supposed to do–even going on the rides at Alton Towers Themes Park. She explained she had no big bump, “I was in a bikini on the beach in Malta a month ago.”

Gemma posted on her Facebook page that her daughter was the “best and most surprising case of food poisoning in the world. Not the toilet trip I expected”.

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