Real or Hoax: UFO Spotted during Typhoon Ruby

Real or Hoax: UFO Spotted during Typhoon Ruby

Although typhoon Ruby brought much less damage compared to supertyphoon Yolanda which took thousands of lives last year, the tropical cyclone did bring something unusual to the country.

A video uploaded by a certain Matteo Menesis on December 8 is claiming that an unidentified flying object or UFO was spotted in the sky during the day typhoon Ruby was supposed to make a landfall.

PHOTO CREDIT: Philtrends

PHOTO CREDIT: Philtrends

Of course when we say UFO, we often correlate it with aliens.

The viral video, which has over 200,000 views as of press time, earned mixed reactions from netizens.

Netizens’ Theories on Alleged UFO Video

Since drones are becoming common nowadays, many suspected that the dark object seen flying was an unmanned aerial vehicle. One Youtube user commented:

It’s Just a drone guys. UFO’s / aliens aren’t true. For those who believe on aliens please. Aliens aren’t true . If they’re true they will travel light years from their world to earth.”

The drone theory isn’t far-fetched since drones are being used for news reporting in the country. In fact, broadcasting company UNTV was able to take aerial video footages of the damages brought by supertyphoon Yolanda using the drone technology.

Meanwhile, there are also some who believe that the video was just edited since there are many editing softwares readily available.

“Halatang edited. Kung Real UFO talaga yan once na lumipad yan pataas dapat mawawala bigla yan kasi maulap. Pansin palang sa video nung pagkaalis ng UFO parang lumiit lang instead matakpan ng ulap,” said one Youtube user.

There was even one Youtube user who thinks the video is real and claimed she saw a similar object in the past.

Nope,totoo yang Vid na yan. I remember dati me bagyo din nun o padating palang na bagyo around 2013 or 2012 ata dko lang matandaan me tatlong magkakahelerang ganyan ako na nakita rin. Parehas na parehas nyan then nun nadaan ng ulap yung 3 saucer na nkita ko nuon. Nawala na lang bigla. Parehas na parehas nya yung nakita ko.”

What are your thoughts on the alleged UFO video?

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