Watch: NAIA Police Breaks Taxi’s Window, Whose Fault Is It?

Watch: NAIA Police Breaks Taxi’s Window, Whose Fault Is It?

People usually hear about negative publicity about officers in uniform, and today, we’ll see a video of a furious NAIA Police officer.

Last December 12, a woman named Grace Fabie, posted a video on Facebook about her bad experience in NAIA where an angry Airport Police smashed the window of the taxi they were riding.

Photo Credit: Grace Fabie's Facebook Page

Photo Credit: Grace Fabie’s Facebook Page

In the said video, a NAIA Police stopped the taxi driver because of a violation. The police asked for the driver’s license, but the latter did not stop when the police apprehended him. At first, the driver insisted that there were other drivers that should be apprehended first before him, but the police ignored it and asked the driver if he knew what his violation was. The driver  continued to drive and didn’t hand his license to the police. Afterwards, the police tried to stop him by banging on the hood of the taxi. The driver still insisted that there were other drivers ahead of him that had the same violation but the police said that he committed a different violation, so the driver asked the police what his violation was. Eventually, the police said that his violation was because he got a passenger in the middle of the road. The driver, then said, “Marami naman nagsakay dun sir ah” (Many drivers also get passengers there, sir.) The driver’s response made the police so angry that he broke the glass window of the taxi. The two still went on with their argument, but in the end, the driver surrendered his license to the police, and was asked to go with the officer.

At the end of the video, another man approached the driver and told him that he shouldn’t have surrendered his license and just stood by his argument. Furthermore, Grace Fabie also made a comment on her post that many drivers really committed the same violation but that they were the only ones apprehended, and that the police shouldn’t have broken the car window. What are your thoughts about this? Who’s at fault? The “modern Police Hulk”? Or the typical “traffic violator”?

As of writing, the video has more than 80,000 views and over 8,000 shares on Grace Fabie’s account and has been uploaded on Youtube and featured in some websites.

Watch the video here from Trending Video Account on Youtube and leave a comment below:

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