Maggots Found in a 65-Year-Old Woman’s Eyes and Nose

Maggots Found in a 65-Year-Old Woman’s Eyes and Nose

At least 120 maggots were removed from the eyes and nose of a 65-year-old woman who was admitted in a hospital in Canada, reports Metro.

Apparently, the old woman was brought to the intensive care unit (ICU) of the hospital for various medical problems. However, these does not include the maggot infestation.



According to the report, a fly entered her room while she was sleeping and laid eggs on her eyes and nose.

Canadian Medical Journal reported:

“During the period, an adult fly (a green blow fly or a green bottle fly) was seen in the intensive care unit. The patient was in a windowless private room that had an open door. The intensive care unit had no windows to the outdoors; thus, it was assumed that the fly had entered the intensive care unit from another part of the hospital.”

Such condition is called aural myasis in which a person’s eyes, nose or ears are infested with fly larvae. Aural myasis needs to be treated immediately because it endangers one’s health since maggots feed on flesh.

maggots in her nose


Although the incident occurred way back in 2007, pictures of the patient only surfaced a few days ago.

Last month, an Indian doctor was able to pull out hundreds of maggots from a boy’s ear using tweezers. Dr. Yadav, the dermatologist who performed the extraction, explained that houseflies usually enter a person’s eyes or ears while they are sleeping.

“If anybody sleeps, a child, an old person, and you see any houseflies there, put some cloth on their face so they don’t enter into the orifices and lay their eggs. Prevention is better,” he added.

You can watch the full video here.

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