Her Life Seemed Perfect When Her Son Was Born, Then This Happened

Her Life Seemed Perfect When Her Son Was Born, Then This Happened

Kellie Haddock was the happiest woman on earth when her son Eli came into her life in 2004.

Sadly, her happy moments with her husband Aj and her son was cut short after they got into a car accident 14 weeks after giving birth to Eli. Aj immediately died from the accident. Eli, on the other hand, survived but sustained severe injuries.

A decade after the tragedy, Kellie decided to go back through her life’s most trying moment and  make a heart-wrenching video to share her uplifting story.

Get your tissues ready before watching Kellie’s moving video.

Currently a singer, songwriter, and a motivational speaker, Kellie personally tracked down and visited doctors and medical staff who helped Eli recover from the accident, according to a report by RachFeed. She also treated them into a Thank You event which included a dinner reception and a concert to show her gratitude.

In her blog, she detailed the experience of filming the 5-minute documentary entitled “The Thank You” project.

She wrote: “None of these medical professionals do their job for attention or appreciation. It was so evident they come to work because they love helping others. They love children and they do their jobs because they know it’s the right thing for them to do. As I stood facing each of these individuals, I felt like I was standing before greatness. So it was super-special to brighten their day in a way that they least expected. Some said after our conversation that they were good to go for another 20 years.”

Now a mom of three, Kellie is married to Tedd, who willingly adopted Eli.

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