It’s Payback Time; Homeowner Leaves Box Of Dog Poop For Thieves

It’s Payback Time; Homeowner Leaves Box Of Dog Poop For Thieves

Washington DC – With over $800 worth of goods that was stolen from resident Andrea Hutzler, it’s about time for a payback.

Andrea said some of the packed things that were stolen from their doorstep were Christmas presents, clothes, and aluminum poles for a building project.

Though they already filed police reports and placed a camera outside their home, it was not enough to stop the thieves from taking their parcels.

“I worked hard, saved my money, bought something and then it was just gone,” Andrea said.

With the holidays coming, Andrea planned to teach the felon a lesson he will never forget. She filled a cardboard box with feces from her two dogs.

Then, on Monday, Andrea set up a video camera on her front door directly facing the box of ‘treats’.

Not long after, a man in hooded sweatshirt was filmed walking up their stairs and taking the box.

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The homeowner posted the clip on YouTube that same day which, as expected, immediately went viral.

With the help of the video showing the face of the perpetrator, Andrea hope that the detectives will be able to identify and arrest him.

Right now, she hopes that the “Grinch” learned his lesson saying, “I think he would be gone for good because he’ll never know what I’ll be putting in a box.”

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