Internet SuperStar: Israel Mekaniko

Internet SuperStar: Israel Mekaniko

Getting to know Israel Mekaniko

The world of blogging has gotten more fun and lively, thanks to Israel Mekaniko – the creative genius behind “Ako si Tunay na Pag-ibig” and the “Hugot” quotes circulating on social media. The candid posts of witty Israel Mekaniko has amazed his fans on Tumblr and Instagram, making this young blogger a favorite among teens and adults alike.

With the launching of The Dailypedia’s Internet Stars digital magazine, it is but appropriate that someone as wonderful and funny as Israel Mekaniko would be our first featured star.

This is your chance to get to know our favorite Internet Star: Israel Mekaniko…

Photo credit: Cris Israel Lumanglas

Photo credit: Cris Israel Lumanglas

We asked our featured BLOGGER some of his/her basic information:

Full name:  Cris Israel Lumanglas

Nick name:  Cris

Date of Birth:  June 25, 1987

Place of Birth: Batangas City

Current location: Batangas City

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Motto in Life:  “Think of happy thoughts and you’ll fly.”

Describe yourself in 5 words: I am an over-thinker, impatient, impulsive, sentimental, and I actually find myself boring.

General interests and hobbies: blogging, eating, watching TV series, doodling, Instagram-ing

Photo credit: Cris Israel Lumanglas

Photo credit: Cris Israel Lumanglas


Expression/s: Pinapahaba ko yung word kapag nagttxt ako, i.e. ‘uyyyyy. Mustaaaaaaaa..’ ganyan. (I don’t have an expression but maybe if you would consider lengthening words as an expression then probably I do have one, like “Heeeeeeeeeeeey!” or “How are youuuuuuuuuuuuu?”)

Food: French fries, siomai, cheese burger, quesadillas, fried chicken, pizza

Color: Blue

Pet: Penguin

Past time: Tweeting (Twitter), blogging on Tumblr, Instagram-ing, food trip

Drink: Water

Fruits: Banana, orange

Vegetable/s: potato

Cartoon character: Peter Pan

Male singer: Ed Sheeran

Sport/s: I’m not into sports.

TV shows: Prison Break, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Spartacus, True Blood, The Flash, Arrow, Heroes, How to Get Away with Murder.

Photo credit: Cris Israel Lumanglas

Photo credit: Cris Israel Lumanglas

We asked our featured BLOGGER about his/her persona…

What’s the meaning behind your pen-name?

israelmekaniko. Israel- that’s what my mom used to call me when she’s angry. Mekaniko- I’m a Registered Mechanical Engineer. (My pen-name israelmekaniko is from Israel, my second name, and also when my mom is angry at me, she’ll call me by that name; and Mekaniko (Filipino for mechanic) because I am a registered Mechanical Engineer.)

As a blogger, how do you describe yourself?  

Hindi pangteleserye ang buhay ko. Sakto lang. Minsan boring. Minsan pa-suspense.  And wala akong romantic DNA sa katawan. (My life is not the type you can feature on a drama anthology. It’s just right. Sometimes, it’s boring. Sometimes, it’s gripping. And I don’t have romantic make-up in my genes.)

Photo credit: Cris Israel Lumanglas

Photo credit: Cris Israel Lumanglas

What makes you unique?

Mas gumagana utak ko kapag bored ako. Mas madami akong naiiblog.  Ultimo maliliit na detalye napapansin ko. Haha (My brain works well when I’m bored. When I have nothing to do, that’s when I blog a lot, to the point that I notice the smallest details about anything.)

How did you come up with your style and writing persona?

Dumating po kasi sa point na parang naumay na ako sa mga walang kamatayang love quotes and advices kaya naisip ko, bakit di ko na lang gawing issue yung mga mababaw at medyo walang kwentang issues na meron din naming sense kahit pano. Then poof! It became kokocrunch! (I’ve reached the point where I got oversaturated with the undying and unending love quotes and pieces of life and love advice I read or hear from people, so I thought why don’t I write and stir something from the shallow and non-sense issues of the society that when you think about them, they actually do make sense. Then poof! It became Koko Crunch!)

Photo credit: Cris Israel Lumanglas

Photo credit: Cris Israel Lumanglas

Is your ‘real’ personality similar to your blogger personality? 

Yep. Kung ano ako sa blog, yun din ako sa tunay na buhay lalo na kapag kasama ko yung mga taong malalapit  talaga sa’ken. Yun nga lang, di ako ganung ka-vocal. Nahihirapan kasi akong iexpress sarili ko kapag nagsasalita kasi minsan nauuna yung tawa ko. Hahaha! Mas magaling lang talaga siguro akong magkwento pagdating sa blog. (Yes. How people perceive me on my blog is also how I am in real life especially when I am with the people really close to me. But then, when I’m in public, I am not that vocal. I find it hard to express myself and my thoughts when talking because I laugh first before I tell the story. Hahaha. I think I tell stories and express myself better when I write or when I blog about them.)

How easy is it for you to ‘transform’ and write in this blogger personality?

Nagpapakatotoo lang naman po ako. Mas madaling magpakatotoo kesa ipilit yung sarili mo sa isang bagay na hindi naman ikaw. Time-consuming masyado. (I am just being true to myself. It is way easier to be yourself than pretend to be someone you are not. That’s too time-consuming.)

As a blogger/writer, what is your ULTIMATE DREAM?

I’ve been blogging for 4 years na. Siguro yung makita ko pa rin yung sarili kong nagbblog 5 years from now and still may mga readers pa din ako, yun na siguro yung pinakaultimate dream ko . Ayoko mawala sa blogging circulation. 🙂 (I’ve been on the blogging world for four years now. I can still see myself blogging for maybe five more years and hopefully I still have readers. That maybe is my ultimate dream. I don’t want to lose my space in the blogging circle.)

Photo credit: Cris Israel Lumanglas

Photo credit: Cris Israel Lumanglas

What do you consider as the turning point in your career?

Yung nainterview po ako sa Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho about “hugot quotes”. That was my first appearance in TV and yun na din ata yung last. Hahah! Never kong pinangarap at inexpect na mangyayari sa’ken yun ksi ordinaryong blogger lang naman ako pero nangyari. Hahaha! 🙂 (The interview/feature I did with Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho about “hugot” quotes. That was my first appearance on TV and probably that’s the last. Hahaha. I never dreamt of and expected that it will happen because I see myself as a blogger just floating under the radar. But it happened. Hahaha.)

Who are your biggest supporters? What keeps you in this business?

Biggest supporters? My boxer short is my biggest supporter. Charing! Siyempre po tumblr friends. Gusto ko yung ginagawa ko dati pa kaya siguro hindi ako tumitigil sa pagbblog. (Biggest supporters? My boxer shorts are my biggest supporters. Joke! Of course, my friends from Tumblr. For the longest time, I enjoy blogging, especially on Tumblr, maybe that’s why I never stopped from blogging.)

Photo credit: Cris Israel Lumanglas

Photo credit: Cris Israel Lumanglas

With so many popular bloggers in the Philippine, what makes you different?

I’m not that popular. Siguro sa ‘maliit na community’ na kinabibilangan ko popular ako pero hindi ako popular sa mundo ng Philippine blogging. Baka sa isla lang namin. Hahaha!  And  I’m into humor blogging po kasi. Light lang. Di masyadong seryoso. Puro kababawang issues lang sa buhay. Minsan deep. Minsan korni. Hindi puro love lang. 🙂 Tsaka ayokong sumikat bilang ako, kung sisikat man ako, gusto ko yung blog ko lang.  🙂 (I’m not that popular. Maybe I’d consider being popular but only in the small blogging community I belong, but I am not popular in the circle of Philippine blogging. And I’m into light humor blogging, not the hardcore and serious type. Just the shallow issues in life. Sometimes, deep, or sometimes clichéd and corny. Not just about love. And I don’t want to be popular as myself. I would like my blog to be more popular than me.)

What do you think will be the biggest reason for you to ‘retire’ as a writer?

Kapag busy na ako sa pagpapayaman at pag-aalaga ng mga baka at kalabaw sa aking soon-to-be hacienda. Kapag hindi na kaya ng oras kong magblog dahil busy na ako sa trabaho. 🙂 (I’d retire when I am already too busy with being rich and looking over cattle and livestock production in my soon-to-be hacienda. Joke! I’d retire from blogging when I cannot manage my time anymore because of work or my professional career.)

Photo credit: Cris Israel Lumanglas

Photo credit: Cris Israel Lumanglas

We asked our featured BLOGGER about love…

Do you believe in “first love?”

First love is kalokohan lamang. Hahaha! (First love is a big joke. Hahaha.)

What makes you blush?

Kapag nakakakita ako ng pagkain. Frenchfriesss!!!!! (When I see food. French frieeeeeeeeeeeeees!)

What are the characteristics you are looking for in a partner?

Supportive, mature mag-isip, faithful, loyal, and yung hindi ko kaugali. Haha! (Supportive, has a matured disposition in life and way of thinking, faithful, loyal, and most especially, an exact opposite of who I am.)

Who’s your showbiz crush? 

Joyce Pring

What’s the best age to marry?

That age when kaya mo ng talikuran yung buhay binata mo. 30’s. (That age when you can finally walk away from being a happy-go-lucky lad. Probably 30s.)

Photo credit: Cris Israel Lumanglas

Photo credit: Cris Israel Lumanglas

We asked our featured BLOGGER more intriguing and controversial questions…

Most embarrassing moment so far?

Yung nginitian ako ng crush ko tapos nginitian ko din then naghi pa ako. Tapos yung nasa likod ko pala yung nginingitian niya. Huhu (There was this time when my crush smiled at me, then I smiled back and I even said “Hi!” Then I realized she was smiling to the person behind me. *sobs*)

What was the toughest challenge you had to face?

Wala ako maisip eh. Siguro padating pa lang yun. Haha! (I can’t think of any to be honest. Maybe it’ll come soon. Hahaha.)

Do you have bashers? If yes, how do you deal with them?

Minsan may nagagalit kapag may naiiblog akong hindi maganda yung dating para sa kanila pero wala naman akong pakialam. Siyempre responsibilidad nilang panghawakan yung emosyon nila sa lahat ng nababasa nila online, kapag nagpaapekto sila, hindi ko na issue yun. Issue nila yun. LOL. Pero kung bashers talaga na marami, wala pa naman. Wala pa naman sa ngayon maliban sa inay ko. Nagagalit yun saken kapag nababasa niya yung blog post ko sa FB tapos may mga nakalagay na bad words. Like ‘malandi’, ‘shet’, bitch’. Idelete ko daw ganyan. Lakas makaMother Teresa of Calcuta India yun eh. Hahaha! (Sometimes, I would hear negative feedback if I have blogged something that does not resound decent to other people, but I really don’t care. Of course, it is their right to uphold their emotions towards anything they will read online. But if they’d get greatly affected by it, is that my fault? No. That’s their issue already. Hahaha. But if you are referring to a group who finds happiness on bashing me online, I’d say I really don’t have many bashers. Well probably my mother. She gets upset whenever she’ll read one of my blog posts shared on Facebook with “bad” words like “malandi” (flirt/flirty), “shet” (sh*t), or “bitch.” She would ask me to delete it.)

What was your most unforgettable moment/experience?

Yun na nga siguro. Yung mainterview ako sa Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho. Napakaunexpected kasi. Hanggang ngayon di pa rin ako makapaniwa tapos kapag naaalala ko kung gaano kasaya at kaproud yung pamilya at mga kaibigan ko sa’ken tapos kapag nababasa kong, “Shet. Matagal na akong reader ng blog niya!” sobrang nakakataba ng puso. Para akong nagkakaabs. 😉 (The interview/feature I did with Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho. I really didn’t expect that. Up until now, I still can’t believe I got featured on TV, and I will always remember how happy and proud my family and friends are for me. Then I’d read some comments like, “Matagal na akong reader ng blog niya! (I am a long-time follower/reader of his blog!)” It’s so heartwarming. I feel like I’m growing abdominal muscles without working out! Hahaha.)

What was your biggest frustration?  

Wala pa naman. Mabait lang talaga si Lord saken. 🙂 (None so far. Lord loves me very much.)

What was your biggest regret?

Yung hindi ko masyadong naenjoy yung highschool and college life ko kasi takot akong bumagsak at di makagraduate. And pinakabiggest sana yung mas pinili kong mag engineering kesa sundin yung gusto kong course. Pero habang tumatagal naman narerealize kong tama lang pala yung choice ko. Kasi nagagawa ko pa rin naman yung gusto ko kahit iba yung nature ng trabaho ko. (I did not get to enjoy my high school and college years because I am afraid of failing school and not graduating. Before I thought my biggest regret is that I chose engineering as my college course over a course that I really preferred. But in the long run, I realized that my choice was right because I still get to do and enjoy the things I love doing even though their way out of my profession’s nature.)

If you are not living as a writer, what is your other career?

Pampalipas oras ko lang naman ang pagsusulat . So far, engineer pa din ako. Pero kung hindi ako engineer gusto ko maging architect. (Writing is just a pastime. So far, I’m still an engineer. But if I was not an engineer, I wanted to be an architect.)

Photo credit: Cris Israel Lumanglas

Photo credit: Cris Israel Lumanglas

Does your family know about your stint as blogger? If yes, do they support you?

Yes po, alam nila. Lalo na nung naTV ako. Dun lang nila nalaman. Hirap na hirap akong iexplain sa kanila kung ano ang ibig sabihin ng blog at tumblr. Pero hindi pa nila nagets hanggang ngayon. Haha! (Yes, they know, especially when I was featured on TV. That’s actually the first they knew about it. It was really hard to explain to them what does “blog” and “Tumblr” mean. And yes, they still don’t get it until now. Hahaha.)

Your social media popularity as a blogger doesn’t always last forever. Any alternative plans?

Di naman po ako ganung kasikat kaya wala akong alternative plan. Hahahahahah!  (I don’t find myself popular and to be really, really honest, I don’t have an alternative plan. Hahahaha.)


Special questions we asked our featured BLOGGER…

You surely have tons of viral posts – which one is your favorite?

The hugot sa jeepney posts and paano magbayad ng pamasahe kay manong. Bnlog ko yun nung nasa jeep ako kasi sobrang trapik tapos yun na. haha! (The “‘hugot’ on jeepney rides” posts and “how to pay your fare to the driver”. I blogged about it when I was on a jeepney and the traffic was so heavy then. Hahaha.)

Tsaka eto. (And this.)

Have you written a book? If no, do you plan on writing one? If yes, is it already published?

Naiblog ko na po yan. Haha (I’ve already blogged about that.)

If you have many books (or even if it is just one), who would you choose to portray the main characters?

Ako na lang din. Sayang talent fee eh. Hahaha! Kahit sino na lang basta siguraduhin nilang blockbuster hit yung pelikula. Hahahahahah! (I’d choose myself, so I’ll also get the talent fee. Hahaha. Honestly, anyone. They just have to make sure that the film will be a big hit!”

Photo credit: Cris Israel Lumanglas

Photo credit: Cris Israel Lumanglas

Any parting words for your fans?

Lakas maka artsita ng fans. Readers na lang. Thank you sa lahat ng walang sawang tumatambay at napapadaan sa blog ko. Hindi man ako kumikita kahit piso sa pagbblog ko pero sobrang big deal sa’ken kapag alam kong may napapasaya ako sa ginagawa ko. Doble doble yung saya yung bumabalik sa’ken. Dun pa lang bawing-bawi na. Sana di kayo magsawa. 🙂 (The word “fans” makes me feel like a celebrity. Hahaha. Let’s use “readers.” A big, big thanks to everyone who persistently keeps on standing and passing by my blog. I may not be earning a single cent from blogging but it’s really a big deal for me when I know that I can make people happy with what I do. The happiness you feel bounces back to me a million times. And with that, I already feel contented. Thank you!)

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