Chinese Newborn Baby Survives After He Was Flushed Down The Toilet

Chinese Newborn Baby Survives After He Was Flushed Down The Toilet

A Chinese newborn baby miraculously survived after his mother flushed him down the toilet.

Thanks to a passerby who heard his cries, baby Xiaoxiao was rescued from the sewer in Suide County, Shaanxi Province in China.



When the rescuers found the “Christmas miracle”, the infant was seen lying on his back in a small pool of dirty water.  They also discovered that the baby still had his umbilical cord attached to him, although it was unskilfully cut.

Currently, baby Xiaoxiao is recovering in a hospital.  Luckily, the little one is in perfect health, unhurt and is said to be free from complications of his unusual coming into the world.

According to Li Zhi, leader of Suide County’s fire department, the procedure was so delicate that they were racing against time.

It was really a race against time because somebody could have flushed something down the sewer again at any stage, or the baby might have turned over and ended up face first in the filthy water and drowned.

But we didn’t want to smash the pipe because we thought that might also hurt or even kill the baby. So we had to use a mixture of tools in order to ease him towards the opening and then pull him out.

Members of the fire department volunteered to take care of the abandoned baby and serve as his temporary parents. Meanwhile, the police is trying to track down the mother of baby Xiaoxiao who may possibly face child abuse and neglect charges.



Last year, a newborn baby boy was found alive inside a toilet Jinhua, China. The dramatic rescue of the infant became a worldwide viral sensation.

According to the young mother of the infant,  the baby accidentally slid out while she was on the toilet. The 22-year-old mom claimed she did not plan for her baby to fall in the toilet.

The rescued infant is now under the custody of his maternal grandparents.

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